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Sep 29, 2013

Awesome place like Ossoto Spa ♥

Hi readers, here is my first PLACE "REVIEW"? I never been blog about some nice place to play or eat right, so here my first post about Nice place to enjoy & relax! :D
 I think some of you might know this place, or maybe already been there before, or maybe some like me Know the place but don't know where the location lol. So let get start my short Ossoto spa journey, lol

All prices include, in addition to massage

District partakers men and women

- Ladies District -
The bathroom
The toilet

- Men  Area -
Three kinds of pools
Shooting machine
The bathroom
The toilet

P / S: woman the bathroom and the toilet is only four, so when many people have to queue
Man has a lot of room, more than 8 -. -
In addition to women's and men area, the other men and women exercise

Dressing room corrido 

this is Ladies dressing room  / put your personal thing into Locker :)

The lockers is quite safe,  because of the need for staff and their card to open lockers

Staff will give you slipper, paper underwear, clothes 

Fish Spa 

Jacuzzi, but when i went there already closed, is closed at 2am :(

The steam room

Sauna room

Included  Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Cleanser 

Fully equipped
hairdryer, contact lens solution, body powder, toner, moistuzer etc!
The bathroom also has shampoo and CONDITIONER

Actually still got lot of room like:
 Cinema room, Internet Room, Gym room, Pingpong room, Coffee Bar etc
But they are not allowed to take picture, all photo is curi gambar punye, lol 

Other Surcharge Service

A wonderful day, but is too short for me :( 
I go when 11pm and back at 3am is quite fast not worth for it lol 
Next week boyfie say wanna go with me, yayy <3 

Location, and free shuttle pick-up and send off 
For Berjaya Time square, Pavilion, KLCC etc KL CITY CENTER AREA ONLY :) 

5th floor, Wisma Mirama  
50460 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
03-2145 1122
business hour: 10am - 6am


  1. Sounds so perfect for girls night! Is it actually something like Jimjilbang in Korea? :D

    1. May I know if girls are with clothes on when shower?

  2. Can spend whole day there if i have no plan for the day

  3. Hi, did your have massage body treatment & what's the price

  4. Really, i have got a new experienced on the Ossoto Spa with the awesome place. I must take a best experience with the sap service which will be effective to my body. I have liked the Ossoto Spa and next i can take Ossoto Spa's service.
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