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Sep 3, 2013

Review: Skinlite Nose Pore Cleansing Strip

*this is not an Sponsored goods, i purchased with my own money :) 
This is my favourite Nose Pore Strips, my first trying this products was when I 15, 
and I never bought other brands of Nose Pore Strips after I used this! This is Awesome & Useful! How?  

The packaging of Nose Pore Cleansing Strip 

Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin
Avoid using on ski which is sensitive to bandages, tapes or peel off masks 
Use only on nose (Do not use on around the eyes) 
Use 1~2 times weekly (Allow a 3-day interval between usage) 
If the strip adheres too strong to skin or is painful to remove, 
wet the strip thoroughly until strip slides off  easily 

Thoroughly wash your face, making sure that it is free of any creams, lotions or make-up. 
 Dry hands, then open packet and peel the strip off from the plastic liner.
 Use opened packet promptly so strip peels easily from liner.
Thoroughly wet your nose with water. 
If nose is not wet enough, the stick may not be effective and may not stick.

Apply the strip to moisten nose area with the shiny side facing your skin.
Press down and smooth out the air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin

Let the strip dry for 10 to 15 minutes. The strip should feel stiff as it dries.
 Depending on humidity, climate or perspiration, leave on slightly longer or shorter
 After the strip is dried, slowly and carefully peel off strip starting at edges, pulling toward center. 
If there is any residue, rinse off with water 

Okay. It maybe my whiteheads not too much, but at least better than no right! 

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