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May 29, 2012


Ohaii, sorry readers I didn't did what I promised again, please forgive me </3 Is going June after 3days more.. Any plan for your two weeks holidays? What you will do during holidays? Play or Work? Well, I'm going start work at June, maybe work at KL sg.wang NOSE, i not yet confirm, just come meet me if i really work there :p Don't worry i'm friendly, haha

New Selca. 
I bet you'll thinking why my hairs have coloured right? And i'm still studying.. 
Oops. sorry i already stopped school because of some privacy reason, and is the reason why i will find Full time job too..
Is last year in school and why i will stopped school in mid-years? 
i know is wrong, but i've no choice.. i just can wait SPM then go back school examination
In this society no SPM diploma, i know is hard to find a good job or a work with a high salary, 
i know stopped school will regress my lessons, and i won't know teachers were teaching what in school.. 
But i can go tuition while off day, or when i  free.. i can learn what teachers teaching in school also..
So Wish me Luck, i will miss my all high school friends <3

Bubble pop! LOL 

我只希望我現在的決定不會錯,我現在也有點後悔我放棄了學業 我很想念學校

我也已經很久沒回教會,開始淡忘了神 我很討厭一些小人在我生命中
媽媽叫我自己“zap sang”我聽到這句我哭了,我別無選擇我只能出去做工
不是我不要讀書,而是我不能讀書 也許是我錯我沒好好珍惜每天在家偷懶

神,求求你幫幫我 我知道我很久沒回教會我每天都過著廢材的日子
想回去讀書又不可以,只可以做工 我真的沒試過做長工我怕我三分鐘熱度
很多人都說離校后,你會很想念你在學校的日子! 是真的。


May 19, 2012

New tutorial is coming

Hey dear all lovely readers, do you see what topic on my blog post? Yeah, new tutorial is coming!! WHAT?? Oh, you didn't hear wrong is NEW TUTORIAL is coming soon!! The new tutorial is about Lip care's! So just hold on! Wait for my new tutorial, but now i wondering the tutorial i want make as photo tutorial or video! But i've not camera :( and my phone video quality is not really good! So i think i will make a Photo tutorial before i get a camera :/ Lip care's? Why i will do this tutorial? Hmm, the whole face part i most care is my Lips! And important my lip care's product is cheaper and worth to use! So why don't i do a tutorial and share with all of beauty girl? :p Just expect my new tutorial. so i don't wanna blog too much! I'll promised i will faster done my new tutorial kay? xoxo


May 3, 2012


Hey readers, finally i have time to update my blog! Sorry for long time don't update this dead blog lol. So how your recent life? Is MAY now! I can't believe it the time passed so fast, gosh! So here is my the past few month photos from Instagram

I just hide my hair to behind, i lied my friends said I've cut my hair :p
the photo in my Facebook has over 100 likes
and many friends say it suit to me and looks younger

but the other side I didn't really cut hair, my hair still like shit uh 

Church day with new collection Jersey 

 Genting Day with  family 

And i have tried Starbucks new drinks 
Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino 

Tadaa, is nice taste! Nom nom, must try it out :) 

The day accompany mommy go our new shop 
I don't really confirm the location, is near at Cheras of Lembah Maju (太子園靠近小雲頂在下)
i know is nearby a Esso petrol stations, and have a round about to
Sunday Cheras PasarMalam
Is whole new row, the first shop is Oldtown beside the Esso Petrol stations
Mommy new shop will be open at May :) 

Recent of me, I just need more skinny 

So here is some of my the past few month photo, i'm Camwhore Freak :P Have you feel it all the photos is going out with my Parents not one is outing with my FriendsYea, nowadays i always stay at home, i already didn't go out any where have 2 months! OMG can you believe an Shopaholic can stay in house do House female in every weekends for Two months?!?!?! Yes, I did it! Is boring but its okay, because first I can save money, and i won't use my money simply bought some useless things! But this is just my imagination, yea I really didn't go anywhere in two months, and now I bankrupt!! WHY? Although I didn't go anywhere, but i online everyday, and everyday i online shopping ==  A Women born to love Shopping! I have bought lot of Bags, Phone Cover, Clothes! That's why i will bankrupt although i didn't go anywhere LOL! And other side my life is still everyday Instagram, Twitter, Facebook! My life is so boring and i know it, next week have Mid-exam! Omfg, i hope i can handle it! My english i will try my best to get a nice score to myself and to my parents

 so wish me and all of Spm candidates good luck! :)

I promise i will update my blog One week one time or Two weeks One time okay? :) 
MissYouAllLovelyReaders, xoxo 
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