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Jan 30, 2014

[TUTORIAL] CNY x MakeUp! ♥

Holla! It been awhile i didn't blog about Tutorial, recently i got some email from my readers which request me to do some CNY MAKEUP!
So i decide to share with you guys what my Makeup will be during CNY, and some of you been requested for some makeup look like (e.g sweet, young etc) Then i've combined it together is a 3 IN 1 makeup tutorial, hope you guys enjoy it!
Btw before starting the makeup tutorial i would like to send an early wishes for my beloved readers-:   

Wish you all more Pretty (handsome), stay Healthy, stay positive and stay fabulous!  
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish all of you included me get lot of ANGPAO during CNY! 

 Okay, before I start my CNY MAKE UP tutorial, I would like to mentions you all, 
all of the Makeup products I use in this tutorial,
 if the product is been sponsored or I been write a reviewed about the product before,
 i'll mentions it below the pic, you can click the link to see my reviewed post if you're interesting with the product i using! :D

 Cut the crap, let begins!
 Start with my BARE FACE! OMGGGG sorry if i let you have nightmare lol 
Make sure you have a clean skin before you make up! and don't forget to apply toner, moisturizer it's important!

before starting makeup, apply primer to protect your skin! 
Yet to see my review about this product? <Click Here>
This primer it does really help to cover up my pores! A very effective primer for me! 
But the texture is bit oily! So if you're oily skin type, this primer are not suitable for you 

 Next Step! Sunblock! This step is also important, is protect our skin to against UV RAY!
 Some of you might think the sunblock product which with SPF higher is good, but hey! This is not true
 a good sunblock product you have to know what ingredients inside, otherwise it instead harms our skin!
 So if you are finding a effective sunscreen, i recommended this sunblock for you which currently my fav!
it has SPF35 PA++, The brand uses a lot of natural ingredients!
After you applied you have no need to use makeup remover! You just have to wash your face and you can go to sleep haha! 
The sunblock quality is quite hydration, and easy to blend! Just need 2 little amount and you can apply whole face
Btw if you are interesting with this product, you can purchase it on SASA MALAYSIA, it will available in Feb! And it cost 45MYR with 50ml! 

Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream with SPF 50 PA++
Brighten, Evens, Clears, Conceals, Moisturizes, Protect skins!

i like to use sponge to blend all bb cream evenly! And it won't let you look like you've apply a super thick foundation! Its super light and natural thou, btw is my second time to purchased, since i been searching for a BB cream that with liquid texture and thin in consistency, and offers minimal coverage! 
I really dislike some of BB cream is look so thick, or maybe too white for my skin tone,
 but this BB cream are totally suitable for me, plus why i love this product; is give me moisture glow! 
What I dislike is the product kinda expensive it cost RM20+
 for the product size which only have 18ML! 

Concealer that i used mostly

as what i mentioned about BB CREAM, i dislike heavy makeup it let my pores can't even breath! 
So when i choose concealer, i always choose which concealer are with
 light texture, good coverage, easy to blend away, no fine-lines, no creasing and no settling! 
 So the FARMASI LIQUID CONCEALER WILL DO! Because liquid concealer texture were so lightly so i dont have to worry the concealer settling into my fine-lines! 


  my MUST-HAVE product when i create my eyebrow shape

 Eyebrow Assist Tool 
 Honestly, even I know how to makeup so many years, i still always failed to draw a eyebrows that really suit for my face shape!
Eventhou i have draw a eyebrow shape correctly, but the eyebrow shape are unbalance at last lol~ That why i bought this!
 Since i have this Eyebrow Assist Tool, no more unbalance eyebrow ever happen again (touched) 

My fav eyebrow pen from Cyber Colors which I been purchased so many times!!! 
It always have Promotion like BUY 1 FREE 1, i forgot how much it cost! I could say this is the best Eyebrow Pen ever! It comes with a brush. so you can blend your eyebrow!

Eyebrow is so important, if you have a wrong eyebrow shape that not matching your face shape, 
basically your face is already meant GG.com (死定)

And of course don't forget to color your brows to match with your hair color! :D 

 Contouring & Highlight! Is also important during a makeup process
It can make your face shape look smaller, it can make your nose look higher in visually etc. 

 Brown: Contour | White: Highlight

Maybelline Baby Lips Color always my fav lip balm, it moisture my lips! Wooo such a good product 

My fav Blush products: 
Canmake, Cyber Color, Ferrmina 
Powder Blush which can stay all day long!
 Cheeks Tint which gives a natural looking blush but it can't stay too long!
Ferrmina Cheeks Tint Review <Click Here>

but in this makeup, i would like to create a natural looking blush!
 So i choose Canmake with a sweet orange color!

 Its time for eye makeup! I'm using Kate gradical eyes & etude house eyeshadow palatte
For a long lasting with no smudge, waterproof eyeliner! IN2IT is always my choice!
IN2IT Eyeliner Review <Click Here>

Okay my eye makeup is quite simple actually, just apply Eye base before you start to do any of eye makeup, 
step 2. just apply a gold color eyeshadow over whole eyelid
step 3. use a angled brush to dip some brown eyeshadow apply on my bottom lash line! It make my eye lil bit of innocence-feel & enlarge my eye, the last step dip some peach color eyeshadow on my tear duct, oops and dont forget to apply a very thin eyeliner! :D

 Eyelash curler i bought at Beauty Expo last year is only cost 10MYR! Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express,
Yadah Highlash Mascara & Eyelash Perm Tool from Shills

Always curl your lash before you apply mascara, apply one coat of lengthening mascara first
Wait it dry out, and i will continue to brush my lash with YADAH Highlash Mascara, it gives my lash more lengthen and with no smudge unless you keep rub your eye lol

 Guess what, TOPSHOP LIPSTICK IS MY FAV! :P Fancy color <3 

CNY ofcourse want Ang Ang(red) la! A red lips does give me look more glamorous and sexy

So my face makeup are DONE!   ♥

eh, seems something wrong eh!!! MY HAIR IS SO MESSY!!! I CANT GO OUT LIKE THIS! T_T

My hair products!
 L'oreal Extraordinary oil for colored hair RM33.90 <Click Here to see the reviewed> 
Lucido Designing air Hair Spray <Super Hard> RM16.90

 Applied Hair Oil to protect my hair before styling my hair!

So this is my recently new bought hair tools, it can set lot of hairstyle! Will be review it very soon *pinky promise* 

 wondering this makeup maybe made you look more fierce? CHANGE YOUR LIP COLOR! 

The lips color match with the Revolute hairstyle, it kind of vintage feel! :D 

As you can see it still same eye makeup and i just changed the lip color, and the style/feel also have changed like magic! 
Just styling whatever you like, whatever you want to be! As what as you like,
Elianto Sweet Orange gives me a very sweet look which suitable going for bf's home to visiting his families, it look younger, sweet!
If you are planned to visiting your bf's families during this CNY! PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY OF THICK MAKEUP! 

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, i know is kinda long post thou, but anyway thanks for your watching! Much love, Happy chinese new year! CNY HUAT HUAT HUAT! :D

Jan 26, 2014

[REVIEW] Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser

#sponsored post

Holla girls, received this product few weeks ago and it's time to share with you guys what my opinion
after I use the "Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser". Before i start i might mention for Boy's reader,
 boys are not suitable for read this post since i gonna review this product about Feminine wash hehe :)

 First, thanks Hishop for giving me this chance to let me review this product to my beloved readers,
As you know feminine care is such a important to girls, I do it usually because it can
 anti-bacterial properties, anti-itch and prevent odor

Jan 20, 2014

[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] Fibroin Firming Ultra Mask x Winner ♥

Hola Readers♥  Finally It's time to announced who is the Lucky winners of the Fibroin Firming Ultra Mask on my previously giveaway!!
Sorry for the delay announced, and special thanks to all lovelies who been so keen to joined the giveaway I held!

The Fibroin Firming Ultra Mask Winners are.....

Jan 15, 2014

[REVIEW] L'Oréal Precious Oils Color Radiance

Bonjour Readers, I bet you guys must be in love with the product that I gonna sharing with y'all today!
The product that i gonna review is a Hairs Product for girls whose especially rebonding / coloured their hair often!

the product is.... L'Oréal Precious Oils Color Radiance


 The 1st universal treatment for your hair enriched with a rare blend of 6 precious flower oils*. It can be used before shampoo as a mask, before styling or as an extraordinary finishing touch. It nourishes hair and protects colour, brilliantly shines and amazingly softens. Overall, sublime colour care for a luminous finish.

Jan 14, 2014

[ADV] : Ferrmina 费欧蜜娜♥

#sponsored post 

Hello Sweeties, It been a week I've received my parcel from Ferrmina all the way from TAIWAN! What Is Ferrmina?
Ferrmina is famous brand on Taiwan lot of Beauty Bloggers has reviewed these product and give good feedback :)

 awww don't you think Taiwan mailbox is so lovely and thoughtful?

Jan 13, 2014

Fibroin Firming Ultra Mask 蚕丝面膜 + Giveaway! ♥

Bello Girls, here another Product Review! I won these 3 facial mask from Facebook one of the Online Shop Contest, lucky me :p So today I just want to share my own opinion to y'all and I have create a mini Giveaway for my beloved readers! Just read till end, and get to know HOW TO JOIN the Giveaway and win the Silk Mask! :D

 Fibroin Ultra Firming Mask 

Jan 8, 2014

ADV: Tmart Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

#sponsored post
What is this? Hmmm... Oh! This is a 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set from Tmart! First, I am felt so sorry for Tmart, becuz I've delay this post like 2months or maybe even longer, lol thanks Tmart for the understanding, I appreciate it! :D

 The makeup brush set is so compact and portable that you can carry it when you are travelling or on a trip. 
With soft and superior material, it is comfortable and easy to use. 

Easy To Use,Durable,Good Value,Great Design,Effective
  The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use
    With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin
    Durable unique packaging can well protect your makeup brushes
    It is an important beauty essential for you
    Handle made of plastic and aluminum
    It is suitable for each wise customer
    This cosmetic brush is individually handmade

 Powder Brush; 
Used this brush for setting my makeup, which means i used it with compact powder :D 
The brush is very softy with superior-quality, and it's won't irritate our skin
 Powder Brush 02; 
I been use this to applied foundation, but the brush is absorbed the foundation, so is failed then i never use this brush again lol 

Fan Brush;
Used this Brush to Clear off excess powder on my face :)

Eyeshadow Brush
instead of eyeshadow brush, I'd use this brush to blend my liquid Concealer, and it does really well 

Eyeshadow Brush 02 

  Eyeliner Brush
 Eyeshadow Smudge Brush 

 Lip Brush 
  Oblique Eyebrow  Brush

  Eyelash Brush

 Eyebrow Comb Brush

 I received this product in great condition, it was wrapped up properly in bubble wrap in a large padded envelope along with my other purchases. I was really excited to see them because the design of the brushes. One thing to note is that the bag the brushes come in may smell like really rubbery somewhat like burnt tyre or something like that (you can only smell it when you're nose is quite close to it) and I don't intent to throw the bag away since its so pretty and stylish :) So now to the brushes (they don't smell strongly but faintly since they are in the bag - you have to put it close to your nose to actually smell it ). The quality of the brushes omg, they're amazing!! the powder and blush brush feel so good on my skin, its so soothing and have a velvet feel to it. I've never experience a brush like this before, so this is definitely one of the major pros. The bristles don't fall out as well. The brush set would really be a long lasting product so its really worth buying it!

Where to BUY? 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TmartShopping
Website: www.tmart.com 

WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING & Happy Shopping Everyone! :D  

#Products were sent to me for review purpose