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Oct 12, 2016

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick

Say "bye-bye" to dry and embrace an intense, stay true colour with NEW gel semi-matte lipstick from Mary Kay. This gel formula is the everyday lipstick you've been longing for. Lasting color clarity, Lip-cushioning gel comfort. Finally, a long-wear lipstick your lips can love. Gel semi-matte lipstick is the first full-coverage lipstick by Mary Kay to utilize gel microsphere technology for rich, stay-true colour that lasts for hours - without leaving lips looking or feeling dry! I'm so glad that I received these goodies before launching. I've been using these lipstick for months, and today I'm going to tell you what my opinion on these lovely! Without Further Ado, let's get started! 

 I received 4 shades of them, in this series their have 8 shades! But I received four of 'em! Awesome! I received Poppy Please, Always Apricot, Rich Truffle and Powerful Pink. 
 Powerful Red 
 Always Apricot 
 Rich Truffle 
Powerful Pink 

without flashlight, with flashlight 
you can see from picture above, the lipstick is very rich, the color is very vibrant. Very smooth to application. 

The lightweight gel formula glides on smoothly and cushions lips, leaving your lips feeling soft and supple. 
  • Advanced "Cushion Matrix Technology" utilizes ultrafine silica microspheres to embed and retain colour on the surface of the lip. 
  • Formulated to provide a soft-focus effect, with optical enhancers included to scatter light and blur the appearance of minor imperfections. 
  • Contains ingredients such as sunflower oil and jojoba esters to help condition lips. 
  • The clear-top window makes finding your favourite semi-matte shade a snap. 

My nude lips before apply any lipstick 

Poppy Please 
 A tips for y'all! Before applying any lipstick, you can draw a love mark on your upper lip. So that will makes you easier to apply. 

You can see Poppy Please, is very pop out the color, is a bright tone. Makes your teeth looks whiter (LOL) 

 Always Apricot 
Always Apricot is one of my fav in this few shades, is like light pink but kinda like warmer pink. Suitable for any makeup look! 

 Powerful Pink 
The shades same as what its named as. Powerful Pink! Also my favourite, but the color is kinda too pink for me. But the shades is so pretty! I CANNOT  

 Rich Truffle 
You might think Rich Truffle is like brown color right? But the truth is, not! It is nude color like Kylie Jenner all time favorite lips color! This is most favorite shades!!! Its match with every makeup, I been looking for this kind of shades for so long, and now I finally owned it! 

Match with Always Apricot with Powerful Pink to create gradients lips! As I mentioned at first, I've been using these lipstick for months or even more. I feel that this lipstick is really rich, and moist. But a bad things is on the top of lipstick, is full of my dead skins from my lips! EWWW! I KNEW IT RIGHT! DAMN i don't know why, even now when I apply my lips feel cracked. Not as smooth as before, my lips feel dry also even I applied vaseline before apply. But still, my lips feels cracked. Maybe is my lips too much dead skins cells already. But to be honest, this is the most moist and rich lipstick I've been ever used. The shades is very rich, smooth application. Great for any makeup style! Girls, if you looking for an affordable lipstick you might want to get this!

Price: RM 55 

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