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Dec 29, 2013

Sweet Eighteen Birthday Celebration @ Fish & Co Pavilion ♥

Hi sweetie, its last Sunday of 2013! Time flies so fast, zomg & yesterday is the last Saturday in 2013
yes IS MY EIGHTEEN BIRTHDAY! Woohoo, i am so happy because i never get any birthday celebration before with my lover and friends. is lot of fun! Thanks you guys for making my eighteen birthday be so awesome!

Eww, you can see how many tears inside my eyes, i really feel so shocked when the waiters all suddenly say out loud 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KOEY LEOW" alright, i was stunned for a sec, i dont know what going on ==
and my two of friends suddenly singing birthday song and walk towards me, i was like OMG!!!!
And cry like a newborn baby, really get shocked.. i can't think anything that moment just keep crying, so touched!

 the birthday girl with the birthday cake ♥

the birthday cake is so yum!! Is mango and cream, my fav lol! Boyfriend & Bbf Candice know me very well weee :p

F&B ♥

 From Left: Schoolmate Angel, Your Truly and Bff Candice

 (omg so fat @%@$@!$#) 

the "slim face" pose lol
plus if you guys notice my bff Candice were posing same face in every group photo lol epic

 Thanks for coming my birthday celebration and made my birthday more awesome and fun! 
Thanks you two bitches  ♥ ♥ Seriously can't imagine both of you sudden appears in front of me

Present  ♥

 I couldn't believe that I got my birthday present, i never received birthday gift before *CRY n Touched* Thanks for my dearest bff Candice who gave me a very cool surname as 兄弟 lol 

 a cute cup, which match with the birthday card 兄弟 lol
she said I must be will miss her when i using the cup

 Last, thanks to this "behind director" who privately invite my friends came to join my birthday celebration 
Never thought my birthday will be so awesome! I just thought i will pass my birthday very simply.. 
at least got Him accompany me is enough! Couldn't say much because is very enough for what I expected! 
Really appreciated what you did for me last night! 
I love you my baby boy, thanks for the birthday cake and the plan, and yes! 
Yesterday is my birthday also is our 8th monthsary!

Much Love.  ♥

Dec 22, 2013

Artsphere 20/8ty @ The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

Hi, i just went to Artsphere 20/8ty event this morning! Its lot of fun, the murals  is so 3D & Vivid!!! Glad that I've chanced to join this awesome event in the last month of 2013! Memorable day  :D

Reached the venue at 9:55am, i still worrying about I'm gonna LATE because when we going out is almost 930am! I know is impossible,  Anyway thanks to my boyfie speeding 100-120km/h and driving fast by used around 25mins come to Seri Kembangan from Cheras, lol bravo! CUT THE CRAP 

The first Murals I saw! The Best 3D Murals! 

Dec 20, 2013

My Beauty Resolution 2014 with Yadah x TheButterflyProject Malaysia

The Butterfly Project x Yadah 
Theme: Spring Festival 
Date: Saturday, 4th January 2014 

Ohhh, i want to join this! Is seem awesome, and fun! I want to join, let me talk bout

Dec 18, 2013

ADV: The Atmosphere Launching–Artsphere2080

 Hello, to dear all Art Fans Here! I would like to invite you guys come to attend art event in this coming Sunday in The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan! It is the grand launching of The Atmosphere in Seri Kembangan. It is a new shopping area and they have invited 20 international and local artists to paint 80 mural arts in the area. These murals are special because they are 3D and interactive. It is Malaysia's most diverse collection of 3D murals.

[开箱文] 三星 NX300 Samsung NX300 ❤

拖了很久的开箱文,终于来啦 then是我blog了七年首一次写开箱文诶!有什么不好的你们就勉勉强强的接受吧!
前阵子买了我一直很想要买的相机,Samsung NX300! 
爸爸终于信息我说“汇款了给你,我的女儿!’ 妈啊!没比这个还要兴奋了好吗!
话说我本来是想买 Sony 5T也有去sony centre问了详情,结果和爸爸说了 爸爸叫我买samsung nx300...
 当然我本身自己也有去网上做research 大多数都是赞成NX300,然后之前去Midvalley询问的时候
 去问5T那边的Salegirl也是拿了这架nx300给我.. 她也比较推荐我拿这款相机,
因为是目前最快的 然后镜头也是和DSLR那些专业型相机有的比较!

Dec 16, 2013

ADV: ZenZen Dream



I mean, Every girls are born to be a Shopaholic. Lol, who don't love shop till drop!? Love to shopping? You should Visit www.zenzendream.com! My favourite online shopping; Zenzen Dream

Dec 14, 2013

IN2IT MakeUp Haul

Sorry I been wrote "IN2IT" to "IN21T" lol 

最近觉得比较喜欢写华语,写华语比较能够表达 !星期二和女孩们出门约会,好开心!要回的时候在Sungei Wang Ground Floor 看到Guardian的Christmas Sale 小型的Fair!女孩们看到折扣Fair当然走进去Fair看看有什么好康,结果一进就出不来........ lol 买了四个IN2IT的化妆品 老实说我没用过粉饼,所以想尝试看看廉价的粉饼!因为从我会化妆以来 我都只是一直用 Primer, Foundation (CC/BB Cream) 然后就碎粉!因为有人说其实粉饼是用面包虫做的 所以一直迷信着??LOL 废话少说 来Review我买的东西呗!

IN2IT Two Way Foundation 

色号:OCF 04-f Honey

遮瑕能力不错,不会太厚 建议把粉饼涂上脸之后 再用粉扑按压


IN2IT Face Powder Oil Control 

 控油粉饼 SPF 15 UVA/UVB 
含有Vitamin E

 这个色号我觉得偏白了些,而且质感也偏厚 emmm没什么喜欢

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Liner

笔头的设计恰恰可以很简单的掌控,画眉毛的时候很方便也容易 推荐给初学者 
色号:AshBrown 有点类似灰色,比较自然的

IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen 



 它的笔头不软,适合我 我比较喜欢用有点硬的笔头 画的使用就算手抖了也不怕会画歪

 晕染程度: 1/10

 Waterproof function test 防水测试



#This product(s) were bought by my own money.