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Sep 5, 2014

Banila Co. Prime Primer Hydrating Review

Annyeonghaseyo, please raise your hands up! If you love makeup like I do! Makeup, is a passion, Makeup let me feel more confidence, Makeup is so powerful! But do you know before you makeup, you need to take care of your skin? Today I gonna share my favorite product from Banila Co. I'm huge fans of korean brand cosmetic, and this is the best primer I've ever used, before using this Hydrating Primer, I was using the classic one for oil control almost nine months, and is almost finish! Luckily I received the other series from Sapphire218. And I very in loved with it, without further ado let get start :)

They have 4 variation for the primer- Classic, Hydrating, Classic Matte and Natural. It contain 30ml of product. 
As I mention, I been using the Classic one for nine months, and is kinda disappointed me after used for several months, I have oily skin type and I thought "classic" is for oily skin, but is doesn't help me control oil at all, my face is full of oil after 2 hours, my makeup is getting melt, urh so I thinking why I don't try another one? Hydrating for Combo Skin-type, and i hope this will works on me when I choose this 

The texture is very creamy yet rich, because it combined primer and moisturizer. Including PURE NATURE COMPLEX ingredients, to give skin a lasting moisture and also control-oil. Easy to blend, and it covers my pore give me a flexible skin yet soft. A great product before makeup to protect my skin! 

now let us test the product between Classic & Hydrating 

Texture: Classic, the texture is kind of oily, but give my skin smooth. 
Hydrating, the texture is so creamy and hydrated, so i do not need apply moisturizer, all i need is just use this for prep my skin and is already enough! I'd go as far as saying it has better oil control than the Classic version.

something scary.....

EWWWW, can you see how many oil on the oil absorbing sheets? Finally I know why I always getting oily, and makeup melt when I used Banila Co. Classic Primer as my Primer, is so much oil & it doesn't control oil at all this is really freaking me out when I saw the blotting paper has so much of excess oil on it! :( 
Instead, look how refreshing on hydrating primer!! YES, this is why I love Hydrating primer more than Classic! 

 What I like: I love how the added moisture doesn't compromise the oil control of this product. My t-zone stays oil-free for most of the day, which I must admit! I also haven't suffered any clogged pores or breakouts as a result of using this primer. It's really great, as I said, I LOVE Banila Co. products, their  packaging and good quality products are definitely worth the costs! Also this primer makes my skin so smooth and matte! It made my makeup to go on easier! I really love it, no complaints!! I also featured this product on my latest video on youtube, cuz is really a great product, and you should try it out :D

Get your now at: 

Price: RM72




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  1. this is truly amazing! hopefully one day I'll get this primer :D never tried anything yet from Banila Co.


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