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Jan 18, 2016

Silk Road | The Oriental Art Of Blending

Remember my previous post about Silk Road? Well I was invited to their event last Saturday @ Metal Bee's. Silk Road, which showcase how eastern culture influences the modern world today. I felt so lucky to get invited to know more about Silk Road. Without Further Ado, let's get started.

Sandy, dressed up in CheongSam to attend Silk Road. Well you can spot behind Sandy, there's are few beautiful paintings of Chinese Descent. Furthermore, I felt like back in time, because my blogger friends are actually dressed in traditional outfits! Too bad, I don't have any traditional outfits to wear, I dressed up in red dress instead. Kind of CNY feel.

 While waiting other guest to arrive, the lounge area has few activities were placed around us to let us get to know more about the Eastern Culture. The first and the most rave activities which makes all the guest busying taking photos and impress us the most. Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, where an master calligrapher drew out guests' names using animals and sign, those animals has difference meaning, master drew my name with Dragon (Powerful), Fish (Prosperity), Singing Bird (Happy Life), Butterfly (Beauty). He is indeed very talented, such a beautiful work isn't it? 

photo credit to Samantha 
The second part is The Art Of Tea Making, honestly I used to drink tea every day but for lazy people like me I use tea bag instead of follow steps and requirements, I never knew there are actually steps and requirements to follow to make a perfect tea until I went to this event. Oops, this is really amazes me a lot!

After the rest of the guest arrived, we were ushered into the dining area, I love how their decorated the place especially the pretty kinetic ornaments which floated up and down from the ceiling. Not to mentioned, I pretty enjoyed the Chinese Classical Band and Traditional Chinese Music which makes the whole place felt more Eastern. 

In addition, Diana Liu singing in classical Chinese songs to entertain us while enjoying our dinner. 

Entrée One
Scallop, Calamari, Citrus. Mints and Petals. A total sensorial experience that refreshes from smell to taste in an Aromatic, Creamy and Smooth. The scallop is so fresh and juicy! 

Entrée Two
Green tea salmon 40, smoked cucumber, texture of potato and green beurre Blanc. A fresh and delicate experience that is balanced with the taste of refreshing, fragrant and floral. This was my personal favorites among all the dishes served. The salmon is so fresh and succulent. 

Plat Principal
Cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pares de riz. A balanced, crisp with a clean after taste that lingers on the palate. This dishes taste very special compared with other dishes, its woody and bittersweet taste. 

Last but not least, Dessert 
Plum, Cheese, Chocolate and Basil. As first, I thought it will taste weird, but after I tried omg this is so delicious! The plum with cheese just match perfectly. Although I start feeling full, but you know what we got two stomachs especially girls! One for FOOD, One for DESSERT! 

Thank You Chef James Won and Enfin Culinary Team for putting so much effort making such a oriental fine dining for us! Is so delicious and unforgettable! With carefully selected ingredient, oriental art of blending with enhanced ritual of perfection.

Lastly, group selfie with bloggers! Thank You Silk Road for the invitation, this is such a special journey for me yet another special experience at starting of 2016! Thank you for giving me an unforgettable oriental night! 

Jan 14, 2016

Silk Road Inspirations

The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade, a major reason for the connection of trade routes into an extensive transcontinental network. The German terms Seidenstraße and Seidenstraßen ("the Silk Road/Route") were coined by Ferdinand von Richthofen, who made seven expeditions to China from 1868 to 1872. Some scholars prefer the term "Silk Routes" because the road included an extensive network of routes, though few were more than rough caravan tracks.

Over the years, Silk Road has been the route that connected the East Asia to the other side of the world. Not only it serves as a platform of trading luxurious goods, it is also a network of cultural and knowledge exchange. It is no doubt that the Eastern culture is influencing the world today in many aspects.

Make up, is one of the Eastern influence on today’s culture. Putting on makeup has become a routine for women these days; even some men do it too. It is not a weird phenomenon, because everyone is equal. Do you know that the use of cosmetics was found in Ancient Egypt around 4,000 BC? The Ancient Egyptians used a wide range of tools to mix and apply the makeup. Kohl, used to outline the eyes was made up of lead, copper, burned almonds, soot and other ingredients. It was believed that by wearing makeup, it protected from evil spirits whilst also improving failing eye sight.   

Makeup of the modern era has changed in so many ways technically; from what’s in the product to the way it is applied. If you are up to date with current trends, you should notice that most of the popular makeup styles are inspired by the Korean culture. The K-Pop look is the “in: thing right now, and it’s created with the use of CUSHION COMPACT. This product is originated from Korea, and it has recently gained tremendous amount of attention in the Western cosmetics market. 

Another famous beauty-trend from Korea is the Ulzzang look, a Korean term meaning "best face" or "good looking,” which involves certain characteristics such as dewy skin, doe eyes and the “just bitten” lip look. In Western makeup they called it "GRADATION LIPS" but it is actually the same thing as Korean’s "just bitten" lip. 

Asia has emerged as a source of innovation in the industry because of the creativity, speed and dedication in developing their products. One of the best examples to showcase their creativity is the recent product, the Brow Gel. This beauty product is too amazing not to share! It is a tinted brow gel that has the ability to last on your brows for a week. Although it is not permanent like brow embroidery, it’s definitely much wallet-friendly compared to it!

Well, Korea has been a major influence to the world in not only Beauty, but also Fashion and Cuisine too. Just take a look in our homeland, Korean restaurants can be found in many places, clothing from Korea are imported in many major malls, Kpop music are played in many shops and eateries.. Well you name it.

So these are some of my thoughts on how Silk Road inspires the Eastern to blend in with today’s Westernized culture. What about you?

Jan 13, 2016

Dashing MCFC Facial Cleanser is Men No.1 Choice

Dashing has partnered with Manchester City Football Club, to create some amazing products and experiences for all sport lovers in Malaysia. As all of us know Dashing's products ranges start from EDT, deodorants , body showers to facial cleansers, hair gels and talcum powder. After the recent launch of the Dashing and Manchester City Football Club Range of limited edition EDTs and Deodorants, Dashing is all set to revolutionize skin care for Malaysia Men. 

In grooming, personal hygiene, and the desire to look one’s best, today’s men are as committed as women. It surpasses the common belief that active, ‘macho’ men don’t care about their appearance, the reality is completely different. Today’s heroes are legends in the sports arena who have their own statement style and take care of their appearance like Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri and David Silva.

Dashing is proud to introduce the new range of facial cleansers inspired and endorsed by Manchester City Football Club. These cleansers have been created especially for Asian Skin and suit for Asian climates. The ingredients are carefully selected to fight common skin issues of men. This range of cleansers is strong in action and gentle to the skin. 

The Range consists of five products as each designed to combat the most common skin issues faced by men with an active lifestyle.
 ICY FRESH: Dashing Icy Fresh contains Ice Glacier Water for instant freshness and skin hydration. It provides long lasting freshness and cooling sensation to the skin by instantly relieving excessive heat. Tackle the dryness and kick it cool like David Silva. 

 OIL CLEAR: Dashing Oil Clear formulated with secret ingredient bamboo charcoal that removes dirt & excess oil from the skin giving oil free look instantly. Build the strongest deference against oil like midfield defender, Vincent Kompany.

 EXTRA WHITE: Score striking white skin and be outstanding like Samir Nasri. Formulated with Swiss Alphine plants, Dashing Extra White gives you lighter, brighter & even tones skin. It also appearance of UV induced dark spots.

 ACNE FREE: Nobody knows how to tackle & score better than Sergio Aguero!' Kick off acne with Dashing Acne Free specially formulated with Zinc & Clay to fight the acne causing bacteria. It also promotes smooth and healthy complexion, score clear skin in no time!

WHITENING SCRUB: Who said men can't have flawless skin? Dashing Whitening Scrub is formulated with sea salt that deeply cleanses & exfoliates to provide an even skin tone. It helps to unclog pores, remove impurities and blackheads. Let's score your way to a flawless skin like Kevin De Bruyne! 

Dashing Facial Cleansers are available at 100g for RM10.90 and 50g for RM6.90. Enjoy your active lifestyle without worrying about your skin issues as Dashing will be your savior. To add to your delight, Dashing is also running a National contest and will be giving opportunity to 11 lucky winners to go on a 6 day 5 nights fully paid trip to Manchester, UK. This trip will include a 3 day training camp at the City Football Academy with Academy coaches, an opportunity to get up close to the 1st team players, an Etihad Stadium tour and not forgetting VIP tickets to watch the LIVE match between Manchester City FC and Manchester United on 19th March 2016.

For more information, follow Dashing on Facebook: 

Jan 12, 2016

Miracol9 by CellLabs

身为女人,别365天只顾着我们的宝贝脸蛋,其实我们都忽略了某个比我们宝贝脸蛋还重要的那就是 【身体】
话说身为美容部落客的我已有9年,尝试过无数的保养化妆品 却没尝试过对身体的【保养品】!
2016年了,我也不再是小妹妹 已经21岁了!真的感觉皮肤越来越干 还干到脱皮呢!
那大家都知道我的脸很多痘痘,我也经常试用不同的保养品 因为工作需要 然而也经常化妆 
去年去了CellLabs公司一趟,了解了之后呢 才发现自己是荷尔蒙失调 所以导致身体肥胖,脸部一直生痘痘,以及皮肤暗沉种种问题!

 关于 Miracol9 

Miracol9是市场上唯一具有3大抗老化配方重要元素的美肌保健饮品 - 胎盘素萃取+干细胞+胶原蛋白,再添加了超强的4 大抗氧化剂,藻类虾青素,番茄茄红素,橄榄萃取羟基酪醇和松树皮萃取原花青素(OPC)。Miracol9是一种独特的混合功能性美肌饮料,旨在保护皮层里的细胞 – 生命的基体。现今社会的生活压力, 微量营养素吸取量不足和暴露于阳光紫外线下,都能造成不同层度的细胞损伤。

细胞损伤 – 肌肤老化的根源
研究人员发现,细胞损伤是衰老和疾病的主要因素。在人体内,每天都估计有50至70亿个细胞体面临死亡。细胞损伤能导致整体肌肤老化,表皮层会变薄,雀斑会随着年龄而增加及变大; 真皮层内油脂分泌会变少而导致皮肤干燥和发痒; 纤维细胞和弹性细胞产量变少,导致皮肤松弛和皱纹,血管在真皮层变得脆弱,导致容易产生瘀青和皮下出血。
皮肤,是人体最大的器官,也是日常保健的主要视觉指示器, 因为,您的肌肤将决定您的年龄。

Miracol 9 
玫瑰胎盘萃取 - 

葡萄干细胞 - 

苹果干细胞 - 

水解胶原蛋白 - 
也被称为 “微型胶原蛋白”。其分子结构上比传统的胶原蛋白小,也增强了肠道的吸收效率。显着地降低皮肤干燥和老化的有关迹象 

柑橘水果萃取 - 

橄榄叶萃取 -

虾青素 - 

番茄茄红素 - 

松树皮萃取 - 





Miracol 9采用PhytoCellTec干细胞,是由获奖无数的罕见瑞士苹果与法国葡萄组成,其专利成分受到国际的肯定。植物干细胞拥有强力的再生能力,也拥有特殊的结构机制来承受各种环境压力。经临床研究证实,37至64岁的20名试验者当中,全都能感受到肌肤拥有显著的抗晒功能及细纹减少的趋势。 

我会加入250ml的冷水倒入一包Miracol9 摇均匀后就能喝下肚子了! 
非常好喝呢 连我4岁的侄女也抢着和我喝,她喝了就说我骗她 因为是ribena,这小孩呀!哈哈!

 我得到了两盒Miracol9, 一盒里有15包 我喝了一个月的量 
而且皮肤也没那么干燥 上妆也不容易卡粉了!



为何选择Miracol 9?
Miracol 9是完整的抗老化配方 - 胎盘素萃取+干细胞+胶原蛋白,另附加4大超强抗氧化剂(藻类虾青素,番茄茄红素,橄榄萃取羟基酪醇,松树皮萃取低聚原花青素(OPC)。Miracol 9是一个独特的混合美容功能性饮料,可直接保护真皮层内的细胞,赋于肌肤真正的生命 。

Miracol 9含有几种优质原料?
Miracol9共拥有九种优质成份 - 玫瑰胎盘萃取,葡萄干细胞,苹果干细胞,海洋胶原蛋白,松树皮萃取,橄榄叶萃取,虾青素,番茄红素和柑橘类水果萃取物。这突破性的配方,能有效防止皮肤细胞衰老,更加快了细胞重建与皮肤再生功能,预防细胞受自由基袭击与紫外线伤害。

什么年龄层适合饮用Miracol 9?
25岁之后,人体内胶原蛋白和弹性纤维蛋白的生产将开始减缓。40岁之后,胶原蛋白水平将失去25%。年龄趋长,胶原蛋白就失去越多。Miracol 9将可改变这趋势。 越早饮用Miracol 9,将可达到更持久性的效果 - Miracol 9 可改进任何年龄层的肌肤老化问题。

Miracol 9适用于粉刺,斑点,干燥等皮肤问题吗?
是的。如果长期定时饮用, 将会针对性地对不同的肤质产生一定的效果。但效果将会因人而异。

每天将1小包Miracol 9以日常开水或果汁服用,早餐前最佳。

疑惑: 越多胶原蛋白,越有效? 
不是。人体只能吸收约3000– 5000 毫克的胶原蛋白分子,其余的将会被代谢而排出体外。
真的非常推荐Miracol9给你们,味道好喝之外 对皮肤身体都非常有益 
若不是喝完了 我还会继续饮用呢!对皮肤身体好的东西 喝多也无妨! 

One Box 15 Sachet 一盒15包 MYR268.00