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Sep 22, 2013

[ADV] Review: Bonanza Cosmetics NCM Mask

Dull skin, Stay Up Late Always, Acne Problem????
Here what you need! The magical:
Natural Cereals Mask

Composition and effectiveness: 

Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Moisturizing cream
These ingredients lock in moisture and repair skin effect
Another extraction of natural pure rice, millet, sorghum and other fermented
Used to enhance metabolic facial horny old waste
Let all the dirt inside the pores clean 
But also to prevent dull made skins look more whiten 

before apply mask, dull skin + acne problem 

Although it looks so much of cereals particle, but it's actually not grainy,
And also those particle are full of fine, So no worries apply on face will scratch or what! :D 

A bit like this with particles of sludge, The mask isn't look like clart color?
Oh ~ nonono, is natural color of cereals! :D 
For the first sense, i thought the mask Texture are Rough & sticky
but, the mask texture are so special, is so soft!!! 
just so comfortable when apply on face,  the mask is high concentrations so it is not easy to drip down
Apply on face, is full of scent! 
I personally think it is a combination of the aroma of fruit and cereals
Yup, there are very nutritious feeling :p

As you see, the mask really very high concentrations!! 
Very mild ingredients so there will not be tingling
RATE: 4.85/5 

After 15 to 20 mins just rinse with cold water and add with some massage to help my skin exfoliate
It can let skin metabolize faster, Particularly prone to acne's nose, need to strengthen massage it!!!! 
my forehead Acne apparently calm down much, not redness than before, 
for my nose area blackheads have reduces little :) And of course! 
My skin are apparently whiten than before, even if I didn't mention it you also will get notice also right? 

The mask are Especially for dull skin, acne skin and whose always stay up late!!
Oh yeah ~ And if you are not careful tanning, this can also be used to aid what
Some whitening ingredients inside pretty good <3<3 


Email: bonanza.malaysia@gmail.com

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