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Jun 27, 2014

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Coloration

Heyyo, if you have following my Instagram I think you should know that I've dyed my hair to black right? Like after 3 or 4 years I finally dyed my hair to black, or maybe not black is dark color, i always dye my hair to light color tone, is so fast to fade away and made my hair looking two-toned is super ugly!! Some more I  just don't want to dye my hair in Salon, is quite pricey! I really have to say a big thanks to Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye to made my dream came true and helps me to save some pocket money Heh :p

I got the Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye in Hibiscus Mahogany Brown shade.

 About Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Coloration Product Information: 

Schwarzkopf is always known for breaking through technologies in creating quality and effective hair care, colour and styling products for the past 115 years. Discover Natural & Easy, the first hair coloration using enhanced natural plant extracts in Malaysia with 100% grey-coverage & brilliant shine - in just one step! It is the first hair coloration product that is ammonia free for natural youthful hair. This newly researched hair coloration packs with strong performance is gentle to your hair and scalp. It is easy to apply and gives a natural, shiny colour result that you can get from home.

The four (4) natural plant extracts in Natural & Easy are lychee, wolfberry, polygonum, and green tea. Lychee contains rich vitamin and protein that helps to moisture and give your hair the nutrition it needed to stay healthy. Wolfberry, on the other hand, contained rich vitamins to maintain the shine of your coloured hair. Polygonum is the name you look for to get that shining black hair. Green tea hydrates dry hair and scalp, giving your hair the shine and flexibility it deserves. The mild formulation of Natural & Easy answers a lot of our prayers! It contains NO ammonia, NO alcohol, NO preservatives and hence, NO odor!

Inside the box you have the usual home dye kit including:
1. Tube of Colour Cream
2. Bottle of Developer Emulsion
3. Tube of Colour Shine Conditioner
4. Instruction leaflet (that comes in 5 languages)
5. Protective gloves, ear caps and shawl. 

To be frank, this is my first time getting ear caps and shawls in DIY hair dye pack 

Once you're all set, you can start off with mixing the colour cream with the developer emulsion. 

Mix them together and shake 30sec until all components are completely mixed into a smooth cream.

Remember must dye evenly at every part of your hair, When you are done, just wait for 30/40 mins then wash off! I rinsed the dye out with warm water and used the Colour Shine conditioner on the hair after my normal shampoo.



My bf help me to dye my hair to black, is little bit of uneven lol, but luckily overall is still looking good :p 
I really love this product, is smell good and my hair won't dry out after I dyed my hair, normally my hair will became so dry and bad but with Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Coloration I do not need to worry about it will harm my hair, cuz is all with Natural Ingredient! Is hydrated my hair <3

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye is now available on the shelves in major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies, retailing at RM34.90. Available in 6 different shades of brown, Chestnut Red and Deep Violet. Looking for a DIY hair coloration pack, let's try Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy! Grab one now :D 


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