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Oct 26, 2013

♥ Wonderbox October Edition Giveaway!!

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Contest end 10th November 2013 

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contest starts from today until 10th November 2013, 12.00am
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Oct 24, 2013

Review: Ninetology U9 Z1 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Happy thursday everyone! Thanks Ninetology @ Tech Kaiju Arena for giving me this chance to join this awesome Blogger's Phone Review Program! Thanks Tech Kaiju Arena & Ninetology I am so happy to joined! And yes this is my very first time sharing Technology in my blog, hmmm sounds fun I think? HAHA :D So before the review, let me introduce two phone I get! One is from Ninetology U9 Z1 and another is my boyfriend dreamphone Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 

 U9 Z1 191g 
Samsung Galaxy Mega 199g

1280 x 720 HD / SC-LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 

5.7 inch / 6.3 inches

Camera Megapixels: 
Rear Camera 12.0MP, Front Camera 5.0MP
Rear Camera 8MP, Front Camera 1.9MP

Camera Features:
U9 Z1: F2.2 Aperture, Autofocus, BSI, HDR, Continuous shot(up to 99 shots), 
Smile & Face detection, Quick Panorama

Samsung Galaxy Mega: Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, HDR, panorama

U9 Z1: Proximity Sensor, Motion Sensor, Ambience Sensor, Magnetic Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Mega: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass 

U9 Z1: 2600mAh 
Samsung Galaxy Mega: 3200mAh 

 Operating System: 4.2 Android 
Let start! 
Phone Accessories 
 USB Cable, Handsfree & Charger 
 Phone Casing, Screen Protector and Mini Guide Book :D 

 Z1 VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 

U9 Z1 Front Camera 5.0MP 

Samsung Galaxy Mega Front Camera 1.9MP (HD)

Samsung Galaxy Mega Rear Camera 8MP AF 

U9 Z1 Rear Camera 12.0MP 

Z1 Rear Camera Indoor Shooting 

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Rear Camera Indoor Shooting

Up Galaxy Mega 6.3 / Down U9 Z1 

U9 U1 is over PS eyes too large but I like the skin after PS so smooth lol,
 additional Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 Beauty mode is only smooth face to let skin be flawless :) 
Lol, seriously I laughing non stop when I saw myself be ET in U9 Z1 front camera beauty mode,
 is exaggeration & funny uh? HAHA 

So here is my review of this two phone, interested with Ninetology U9 Z1?
 Or wanna know more details about this phone? Please log on to: http://www.ninetology.com

Thanks for reading, xo! 

Oct 23, 2013

Review: Collagen Drinks - Mireica

First and only internal skincare fortified with the discoveries in stem cell bio-technology.

LiveLife's most exciting, most sophisticated, most complete and much awaited skincare supplement ever was launched in June 2009. Developed by LiveLife BioSciences A.G. of Switzerland, by the very people who have been involved in internal skincare for more than 15 years, MIREICA® nutri-peau™ is the first and only skin supplement that helps revitalize skin stem cells to promote skin rejuvenation. 

More advanced than ever, MIREICA takes internal skincare beyond collagen and anti-oxidants, to a new and higher level, incorporating nutrition for skin stem cells. Extracted from a rare plant species, MIREICA's stem cell extract provides nutrients to strengthen and stimulate our own skin stem cells to produce new skin cells. Strong healthy stem cells are the secret to "perfect" skin cells for beautifully flawless skin.

MIREICA® nutri-peau™'s sophisticated formulation contains 4 key proprietary natural ingredients that work synergistically :

>NutriGene® – a 'skin blueprint' stem cell extract, that protects and maintain the function of skin stem cells and insure longevity of skin cells, to help our skin perfect from within.

>OptaCell™ – a 'skin hydration booster' ingredient, that improves the skin's water retaining ability, restore optimal barrier function, replenish essential skin lipids, for a moisturized and supple skin.

>EnviroShield™ – a 'skin defense shield' ingredient, that strengthens internal defense against sun, environment and oxidative stresses, and regulates melanin production, pigmentation and age spots, for an overall brightening and radiant effect.

>Micro-BioNutrients™ –a 'skin building blocks' complex, that stimulates biosynthesis of skin collagen, skin elastin, intercellular matrix and lipids, thus improving skin elasticity, firmness, smoothness and tone.

Suitable all skin types and women of all ages, MIREICA® nutri-peau will help improve the skin's hydration, tone, firmness, vitality, youthfulness and reduce fine lines. Over time, your skin will also be strengthened, rejuvenated and be better protected against environmental stresses, premature photo-ageing and chronological ageing. 

developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, 
in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland

price myr 178 for 30 sachets ( one months supply)

available in all leading pharmacy

taste: quite fishy and I can’t stand the smell

MIREICA nutri-peau will help improve your skin’s hydration, tone, youthfulness and vitality. 
For people below 30s, MIREICA nutri-peau will be most helpful in protecting your skin against sun damage and against premature skin aging. 
For those between 30s and 50s, MIREICA nutri-peau will help regulate chronological skin aging, replenish skin lipids, improve hydration and skin tone, and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles. 
For those 50s and above, MIREICA nutri-peau will also help reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, firms and moisturizes the skin for a more youthful look.
 One sachet daily, dissolve the powder in a glass of cold water, after wake up with empty stomach / before sleep you can drink a glass of Mireica 

 I didn't not get what like the description say the effect of Mireica can make the skin whitening, smooth or  protecting your skin against sun damage and against premature skin aging.
 But after 25days I tried this product, my skin really smooth a little, 
but for the Whitening effect is non effective for me.. 

Pros: Skin getting Smooth

Cons: I don't like the taste, is quite so fishy :<
 Everytime I drink I must covered up my nose to finish drink it all quickly, lol like a kid 

Would I continue Using Mireica again? 
No, seriously don't like the taste.. but it does really made my skin more smoother :)  

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way. All opinions expressed are solely my own and are not representative of the views of my sponsors. I cannot guarantee same or similar results with any products mentioned.