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Sep 4, 2013

Review: HiShop August Beauty Box ♥

Hello sweetie! Guess what, i just received my August Beauty Box sponsored by Hishop
I am very satisfied with their service, is let me impressed! 
They informed me via an email and told me that 

I'm been selected to be one of Preferred bloggers to test & reviews they products
and they have just shipped out boxes via Poslaju 
and i will receive my beauty boxes on 3 Sep 13

Omg is really surprised me! Which girl don't like Surprise? HAHAHA :P 
Even though i just went to poslaju collected my beauty boxes by myself today, 
shit poslaju keep delay @#%
alright whatever just skip this topic, let see what is in the box :D

(omg what's the surprise inside the box???? OMG OMG OMG OMG)


I had received 4 beauty products for me to try which as below:-

1. Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack (Sample)
Only 3 steps to get rid off Blackhead!

2. Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask (2 Sheet/25ml) RM9.90 
The mask is so special and also the mask sheet design, 
is big difference with facial mask i use before. 
it has separate the mask with the essence

3. Jelly Pong Pong Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 15 (Fair)  RM79.00
Is silky smooth to touch & when i applied it on my face it gave me a flawless matte complexion.

4. Free Vouchers for me & my reader 

Jelly Pong Pong Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 15 (Fair) 

Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask 
I get two free mask in my beauty box, can't wait to try & review on my blog :D 

The packaging of Skinmiso Nose Pack! 
3 Step to rid off blackhead! 

Wanna see this product how powerful ??! Let's start it 

In order to prove that this products really works, I have find my bf to test this nose pack! 
Because alot of blackhead are around his nose, is stubborn, can't pressed out!! 
So, this is before using Skinmiso nose pack! See!
 Lots of blackheads on my bf's nose! OMG IS SO DISGUSTING
Everytime i want help him to press all the blackhead out, he won't allow me to do :< WTH 
He said is painful, damn is because his blackhead are too stubborn!!! 
Is all stuck in inside deeply!! 
No matter how many times i use warm towel apply on his face to let pores open,
i just can't press out his stubborn blackhead -.-

Step 1! 

Apply the first blackhead mask for 10 minutes 
(Wash face with tepid water before using this)

Can using this 3 tools to squeeze out blackheads & whiteheads :) 

Remove blackhead mask after 10 minutes, 
And use a blackhead stick or cotton swab to remove all leftover blackheads & whiteheads 
Seriously, after applied this blackhead mask
my bf's nose blackheads are more easy to squeeze out, 
just gentle scrape it & blackheads are all pop out, 
No need too force to pressed, and he won't feel any pain! :D
Step 2! 
Wash your nose lightly around the area you want to treat and 
put on the second pore soothing mask for another 10 minutes 

After that, take off the pore care mask and rub in the essence 
Use sebum removal stick to remove other leftover whiteheads & blackheads 
Still the same, rolling in nose area and see! Lots of whiteheads are on the stick!! OMGGG
Last, remember use Essence / Toner to astringent pores! 

Is really amazing!!!! Before & After 

how big difference!! After using this mask 
blackheads and whiteheads are obviously more easier to squeeze out! Honestly! 

For another beauty products review i promise i will do it as soon as possible, 
i will reviews all products above in separate posts, 
It will be understanding more details for each products, yay? :D



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