About me


Name: Koey Leow 
Date Of Birth: 28th Dec 1995 
Sex: Female 
Live In: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Nationality: Chinese, Malaysian 
Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese 
Blog Genre: Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Foods, Travel  
 Blogging Experience: Since 2008 till now

What I Usually Blog? 

I blogged about Beauty the most. I think every girl wouldn't reject something that will make us more attractive & more beautiful right? WHO WILL REJECT TO BECOME MORE BEAUTIFUL?  This site is just like exclusive for Girls who same as me like to Makeup, or know more of beauty tips, and of course i won’t mind to share all good things with my girls!  I believe every Girl's are beautiful, because Girls is create by God, and is the best gift ever, agree? I BLOG WHAT I LIKE, and of course I do blog about my daily life, Love story, thoughts, working life etc in candid way! All about my life trivial or beauty tips you can usually find in my blog.  

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  1. Halo, lengluii~ Why you so pretty? <3
    Don't care about the haters, just be yourself and original!

    Celyx Lim


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