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Apr 29, 2016


Recently, I found out few of my blogger fella visit REO Suite @ One City Subang, I was wondering what it is.. and I bet you wondering as well.. So I ask my boyfriend will he take me to visit since I saw photos from instagram, the environment is so beautiful and nice. And luckily, my bf willing to bring me to visit since he interesting to visit as well after I show him the photos my friends took! So I went to the venue at last saturday, as I expected the interior design is so freaking pretty feel like home. Since I don't have work and REO Suite is for those who want to work and play. So I will just take the interior designs as my own future home. Without Further Ado, let me show you the beautiful  interior design!

REO Suite is designed for those who go where their ideas roam. Here, relaxation and inspiration coexist with productivity – within spaces that free you to switch between work and play whenever you please. The first place caught my eyes! It's kind like a mini bar to let you chill out with your friends with some alcohol.

 Relax station to let your read some magazine or just take a short nap on a comfortable yet beautiful yellow couch. 

If my home design like this, I would name it as "Relax/Charging Station" to relax my mind while the working schedule is entangled me. So why don't we just sit down and have some red wine to relax our mind?

Here are some like the mini office or a place to let you think what you gonna do next, and of course if you get tired you can just head to the sofabed in front of you to get a short nap. For me I will take this place as a place that I set my busy schedule for my blog and Youtube. Is such a good place to plan your thing. 

 Reo Suite is another luxury development by the renowned MCT Consortium, The company was established in 1999 as Modular Construction Technology SdnBhd, specialising in construction, civil, mechanical and electrical works, using modular construction techniques.

 THIS IS SUPER INSANE! I always wish to have a karaoke room at my own house! REO Suite totally inspired me alot! Well, If I own a house in future I sure will design and get a place like this! A mini karaoke place to sing with your friend, family or just yourself haha. Don't you think it will calm down your mind and just makes you feel relief your stress away? THIS IS SO GOOD 

 Here are just some example for you guys to decorate the mini corner of yourself. These decoration is really so so so pretty, I was just want to grab these things home to decorate my room lol. 

 I'll take it as a room for my children, a pink bed sheet with bedstead to put some frames or candle even lights. Just make the room feel warm and beautiful. Of course, in your children room how can we without a desks for them to do their homework? 

To be honest, I really like how REO Suite design their suite like this, the interior design is totally insane and so beautiful. So, if you're interesting you may contact:- 
017-682 0122/ 017-682 0159 
or visit www.reo.com.my

Apr 6, 2016

NEW Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Care Range - 14 DAYS CHALLENGE

Physiogel just launched the new range product which is - Calming Relief Face Care. It will provides daily hydration, reduces facial redness and relieves dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The new Physiogel® Calming relief face care range which consists of face cream, Face Cream Rich & Gentle Cream Cleanser.

However, I will start using these skin care line tomorrow, to see isn't it really can reduces my skin redness and relieves dry. And I will blog it after 14 days of challenging!

Physiogel Gentle Cream Cleanser gently and effectively cleanse without disrupting the skin's lipid barrier. Rinse-free formulations that are specifically designed for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. Leaves skin feeling instantly soothed! 
 Physiogel Face Cream - For Dry, Sensitive, Redness-prone Skin 
It is light, fast absorbing daily moisturising cream that is specifically formulated for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. 

Hydrate: Immediate and long-lasting hydration 
Repair: Formulation contains Physiogek BioMimic Technology and is clinically proven to repair the skin's lipid barrier.

Physiogel Face Cream Rich - for very dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin 
Rich, nourishing daily moisturising cream that is specifically formulated for very dry skin, sensitive and redness-prone skin. 

So, here are some basic information about Physiogel Calming Relief Face Care Range. I'll see you guys after 14days I test and try! Hopefully these product will cure my dry skin!