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May 10, 2015

Melvita Argan + Face Care Oil Review

Have you ever used any Face Care Oil before? I never try before. I received Argan + Face care oil from Melvita months ago, and is my first time to use face care oil. To be frank, I always think that "OIL" is really so "OIL" if you knows what I saying, lol. So that the reason why I never buy any product that contain oils, due to the oily feeling it's so ewwww.... I don't know how to explain the feeling but it just makes me go to wash my face immediately when I apply oil product on my face, yucks. Hence, how Melvita Argan + Face Care Oil does? Do I hate it? OR I love this product? Read my blog post to know then :)

Melvita creates the dry touch face oil Argan+ and associates in its expert formula the nourishing properties of its fairtrade Argan Oil and firming amino acid which helps fight signs of ageing. Its feather light, non-greasy textured finish and its flowery and fresh perfume turn the application into a real pleasurable moment.

Yes, I did some research after I received this product. Argan Oil are actually treated acne scars, I was surprised when I googled. Well, it does makes me use this product due to it can be treated acne and scars, lol. The texture is like liquid, but still is oily. But can't blame on it because this product is Face Care Oil. Argan + Face Care Oil is an anti-ageing amino acids to firm, nourish and hydrate skin.

Special designed to pump serums into your palms :) 

The scents are super pleasure,  It uses natural citrus, floral and oriental notes mixed with the natural scent of Argan Oil. Unfortunately I broke it last night when I taking photo, it slip away from my hand because the oil actually are flow on my hands, I can't hold it tight. Well, I feel so bad when I broke my fav face care oil in this moment ;( As you can see I only used few drops of it, I normally used this as intensive mask treatment massaged into the skin and left for 10 minutes, for nourished, plumped and bright skin. Sometime, I added one drop into my foundation to keep my makeup last longer and hydrated like Korean dewy skin looking. Overall, I quite love this product even though I still hate it because of the oily-ness, but i will say this product are worth a try if you are also dry skin type like me. 

1 – In the morning: Take 3 droplets onto your palm and smooth them onto your face, gently pressing to obtain an even texture. To boost the efficiency of your usual cream, apply few drops of the oil on your face before your usual care.

2 – To seal in moisture: Following your usual cleansing routine, spritz your face with your usual floral water. Wait a couple of moments then apply a few drops of the oil with a smoothing motion.

3 – As a repairing mask once a week, take a dozen drops into the palm of your hand. Apply as an even layer on your face, neck and neckline, while gently tapping with your fingertips. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the excess of oil with a cotton wool or encourage it penetrate with your fingertips.

Price: RM196 (30 ml)

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