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Frequently asked questions
since lot of you keep asking me same question every time, 
feel so boring to answer already, so hey! Please look in this FAQ pages and 
find the answer you want to know about me 

Q: What nationality and race are you?
A:  I’m Malaysian, Chinese, Mom is Hokkien, Dad is Hakka 
but i don't know how to speak in both of this language, usually we use Mandarin to communicate

Q: Can i request you to do .... Tutorial?? 
Sure you can! Feel free to leave comment or email me at koeyleow@gmail.com, and I will do it as my best!

Q: What program do you use to edit your photos?
A: I using Photoscape, Photoshop CS6  :) 

Q: What CAMERA you used for your blog? 
SAMSUNG NX300 with basic lens 

Q: Video Editor You used to edit your video? 
Wondershare editor 

Q: Where you get your sponsor? 
PR look for me to advertising their product, and of course is not FREE OF CHARGE.  

Q: Where you EDIT your blog template / header?
I design my own, and some of them I get it from free website and change HTML code. 

Q: Why you like to share makeup tutorial & skincare on youtube and blog? 
I do whatever I like, I like Sharing, everyone have their own qualification to do what their like. 
I feel happy when I seeing my blog visitors rising up and people request me to do some tutorial 

Q: Do you have any idea can get rid of Acne problem?
Hmm, honestly I have Acne problem too, lot of Acne scars on my face since i go to facial at June, 
guess what already going to September, those scars still on my face WTF is this,
 im so sad, btw i just can wash my face twice a days to keep my face refreshing, 
and always cleans & change bed sheets, 
drinks more mineral water (i didn't do it) apply more of Whitening Mask, 
or maybe you can visit my previous posts about Homemade mask for Acne click here

For other questions, please feel free to drop them at ask.fm/koeyleow! Cheers.

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