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May 6, 2014

Online Shopping with Mr.Lens

Whenever I hangout, i always can't live without Contact Lenses! WHY? 
Because is impossible to asked me going out with specs, is made me feel like I not enough of sleep and dejected
plus Contact Lenses is one of tools to let me looked more charm! Recently, I got my two pairs of new contact lenses from
Thank you guys so much to let me have an opportunities to try out more different lenses and different look! 
This is my first time ever to get my lenses via Online Delivery, i used to bought my contact lenses at Pasar malam lol. 

Let me share my online shopping experience to you guys! <3

2: Select your contact lenses & Degree 

3: After selected your contact lenses and degree click 
Check the total 

4, key in your information e.g: Name, Shipping Address, Phone Number, Post Code

Before confirm your order, kindly check your order, see if any mistake order! 
If not, just click "CONFIRM ORDER"! :D

Just 4 Step and you're done! Isn't it easy? :) 
I thought it might take 3-5 days to delivery to my doorstep, instead I only waited for 2 days and it safety reached my doorstep!
The delivery service is totally surprised me and I very like Mr.Lens service!

And now is time to review two contact lenses that I ordered from Mr.Lens! 

I think Colourvue Big Eye Dolly Black is only 14mm, the enlarge effect not too obvious, just natural :)

And the second lenses is Colourvue Glamour Honey 

This contact lenses made me look fierce O_O, or look like vampire? HAHA 
On my opinion, i think is contact lenses is suitable for night life! Like for club, and with heavy makeup, 
otherwise is not suitable for day out, is let me look fierce and pale!
 These two contact lenses quality is so far so good, wearing contact lenses from MrLens whole day long and I didn't feel dryness! 
Is very comfortable, and my eyes didn't get any redness too :) 

So what do you think? Which contact lenses suitable for me? Do leave me a comment ;P 
Last but not least, don't forget to click a LIKE on 

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