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May 15, 2014


Are you hungry always and have no idea what to eat and lazy go out take away? Here a good apps for you to save you, have you ever heard FOOD PANDA? Malaysia first shopping online for FOOD! Yes, for FOOD! Be frankly, I am a very homey person if is unnecessary I will always choose to stay at home stick with my bed, I can stay at my room whole day long to keep watching drama, even I can eat food in my room (Nah, i know what you thinking of me now) I lazy to cook sometime, so i often order food delivery online, but sometime is quite bored cuz is only few of choice there, but now no worries! Now i can online order via FoodPanda.my

"With FoodPanda, you can order any kinds of food and have it delivered to you in the shortest time possible." Even though it's not available worldwide yet, it has done a great job in the countries that it is currently in now. You can choose to order online from FoodPanda.my, That's what I did and here's a quick tutorial to show you how.

1. Go to http://www.foodpanda.my/ And you can see a box, key in your area.

2.  Then you will see a list of restaurant near to your area.

3. Choose which restaurant you prefer. I choose Wendy's 

4. Choose what you like and add in the cart. Then proceed with Checkout. 

5. Type in your address just like online shopping!

6. Choose your payment type. There is two type which is :

        - Cash on Delivery (Pay at your doorstep using Cash when the delivery man arrives)
         - Paypal (Pay through online with your Paypal account)

Just 6 simple step as I do above, is just like Online shopping!! 
Here's a quick illustration by Chee Chingy on how to order from FoodPanda!

So anytime you're feeling hungry, do log on to FoodPanda.my or download the mobile app to grab some food and satisfy your hunger! Check out their Facebook page too for the latest news and updates.

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