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May 16, 2014

REVIEW: éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask

Bonjour, is time for beauty review again! The mask I will be review is a mask from France, when I received the mask i was like "Whoa, i love the design so much is so classy!", and before I start reviewing this product I might take this moment to say a big Thanks to dear Hishop, thanks for giving me this opportunities to let me review of this product, is superb awesome! 

éclat D'or silk placenta mask series with unique design for five different skin types. This mask series contains the patented extract essence of SephyllaTM with the antioxidant effect of trehalose which moisturizes quickly, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration and to resist the signs of aging. Just give it 20 minutes, and it'll allow you to regain compact and tender flawless skin.

The mask series has a thin structure, coupled with nano-infiltration technology, absorptive capacity increase up to 20 times. Hydra source is able to strengthen the skinOs natural defense towards dehydration.

this is my skin condition BEFORE I apply éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask
Large pores, Acne Scars, Acne and Blackhead 

PS: I like to apply this mask before I sleep, so in this reviewing I am wearing pajamas,
 I hope you guys don't mind for my laziness cuz I lazy to change my clothe just for taking picture lol 

I think you can see inside the mask packaging is so many of essence! 

Take out the foil, and unfold the mask! As you can see, the mask sheet is very lightweight and translucent I love it when i apply on my face, is won't fall down when I walk around! Is very comfortable! 
The one I don't like is the Mask Essence is too much, is keep dropping on my pajamas when I applying,
 but I think this might be a good thing too? It can apply on my neck also 

 Just wait for 20 minutes 

 I can feel my skin is brighter than before, and became soft, nourish, and some fine line disappeared also! 
But for the acne scars and blackhead is still on my face, so my opinion is éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask for me is not bad, but I didn't see any obviously result for Blackhead & Acne scars as well or may be I have to apply few more times only can fade my acne scars! For the Pore Refining, my pores is shrink a little but not too much, for the Hydra effect is really awesome! I think this mask is good for Dry skintype!

Where to Buy? 
Price: RM90 (ORI PRICE: RM113) 

Exclusive RM20 rebate for YOU: ECLATDOR
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 July 2014

Last but not least, 

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*product sent to me for reviewing purpose 

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  1. This mask looks good, fits nicely on your face :) Agree, nice packaging, too. You can squeeze it a bit before applying so the essence won't drip. That's what I do with some masks.


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