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May 25, 2014

Bean Boozled Challenge!

Hello guys, here's a short video about my Bean Boozled Challenge with Jim! 
Been watching lot of Youtubers taking this challenge with their partner, I always can't stop laugh when I watching this challenge 
So I thinking to take this challenge too! But I think Malaysia wouldn't have selling this, 
until one day I walked into Candylicious @ KLCC, and I accidentally saw this!!!! 
OMG, so I just grab this home and force Jim to do this challenge with me! 

Is actually quite lot of flavors inside, it had two color one is normal flavor and another one is weird flavor like 
barf, stinky socks, dog food whatever! 
This challenge just trying your luck see you getting the yummy taste or the weird taste! 
Btw the whole video is only 6 minutes, but at last I said quit no more playing this stupid game cuz I kept losing :(
 Btw, I've cutted the most funny parts in whole video, and here's the funny video during the challenge! 
Make sure you turn your volume down but not too much, I afraid you get scared by Jim's laughter, is so evil.........

Barf VS Peach 
Me: Aww, I think this maybe is the Barf flavor *holding my breath* 
Jim: Emmm, the peach taste is so yum! *weird sound to showing off he gets the nice flavor* 
Me: Tasting ... OH FUCK HELL NO!!! Is Barf Flavor 
Jim: ** EVIL LAUGH**
barf taste is really taste like barf i just bit a little the taste is so heavy, 
that why I keep vomit T_T 

Toothpaste VS Berry Blue 
Jim: Toothpaste?
Me: Yea is toothpaste flavor 
Me: Yerrrrrr, what flavor you take? 
Jim: Emmm, is BERRY BLUE!!!! Is nice, yummmmmmms
Me: OMG............ *cursing towards jim* haha 

Is actually left lot of flavor and we don't wanna waste it, at last we date our friend and force them to play! 
one of my friend even tasted DOG SHIT flavor, is so horrible suddenly i felt myself so luckily cuz I didn't tasted the DOG SHIT flavor 

Is lot of fun, But if you keep losing, bet you will regret like hell cuz is really taste super bad, super BAD! 

Btw, i hope you guys enjoying this kinda weird or funny video! See ya! :) 


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