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May 10, 2015

Melvita Bio Excellence Naturalift Youthful Serum Review

Serum, is one of my daily needed in my skincare routine, is a light, fast-absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to creams or lotions. Hereby, today I going to review the Melvita Bio Excellence Naturalift Youthful Serum. 

As I mentioned, the texture is very light, fast absorbing onto skin and leaves non stickiness. And I in love with the scents which full of fruity!  

With age, the skin's natural structure is weakened. Wrinkles and lines become more pronounced and the skin loses its firmness. Melvita's exclusive bud complex helps to strengthen the skin's structure. With its light and fluid gel texture, the Youthful Serum can be applied before your day or night cream for an instant feeling of softness and freshness. Enriched with natural hyaluronic acid and rye extract, this serum both hydrates and helps restore elasticity. The bud complex replenishes the skin, which seems to look even younger, thanks to the smoothing effect of hibiscus extract and tightening effect of oat extract.

To boost your daily skincare routine, apply to perfectly cleansed face, morning and evening, before your Youthful Cream.

I been using this serums few months ago, and I quite in love with it, it gave my skin very supple and moist which I impress with cuz I have dry skin as I has mentioned it tons of time in my blog :( I've been using other brands of Serums as well before I got a chance to try Melvita Youthful Serum, those serums I used before scents are awful and useless, yet caused me acne. I must say, this is really worth to try. It's effective and most importantly doesn't caused acne and I clearly can see those lines under my eyes are getting better. 

Price: RM240.00 (30ml) 

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