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Sep 21, 2014

Fashion: Black Outfit

This is my first OOTD post, hope you guys don't mind because I'm a fatty and yet still go photoshoot lol, Today I just want to share with you my currently favourite handbag that I always bring out. Isn't it pretty? A very simple yet elegant bag! For me, Black & Gold always the best match, never get boring of it! It just match with any of style! Actually, I do not own many bags and I don't buy branded bag cuz is very expensive and also the main reason is KL is so dangerous now, everyday also has robbery case, I don't want kena rob lol. So my bf just warned me don't bring bag go out too often, so I didn't have one or two bags, I normally just bring my phone & IC when I go out with my boyfie, but till I met this bag, OMG I just love this bag! Is so pretty, I must bring it out everywhere even yumcha with my friend haha! The first day I received this bag, I straight bring it to work, without further ado, let see the quality of the bag. 

这是我blog那么多年来第一次的OOTD POST,希望大家不要嫌弃我那么胖还去拍照啦 哈哈哈 
这次要和大家分享的就是 我最近最爱的包包,有没有很漂亮!很简单却又很时尚的一个包包 也很优雅,黑色和金色 对我来说最match了!而且搭配什么风格都适合,我很少买bag也没去追名牌包包,因为很贵其二是 因为现在社会很危险,每次都发生打枪事件我不想成为下个受害者lol 所以自然而然我也变得没有包包了,就每次都交给男友保管手机等,不过遇到了这个包包 我真的不能不带出去啊!太漂亮了!我真的很喜欢,拿到的第一天我就直接带出去工作了 (笑) 话不多说,来看看包包吧 
 前面 Front
高度 Height = 22.5cm x 长度 Length=30cm x 宽度Width=10cm
 侧面 Side 
 背面 Back

Guess what this bag can Portable or as a Sling Bag! So whenever you feel your bag is heavy, no worries la cuz it can take it as portable or sling bag just up to you
  对我而言 这个包包可以手提,也能够侧肩背 也太好了!
若觉得包包太重的时候 当然侧肩背喽,即使侧肩背也不会很像aunty 哈哈 
You should think this bag is quite small right?! But actually is can put a lot of stuff inside of my bag! Usually I bring powder foundation, facial mist and other women stuff, I don't even feel heavy when I brought so much of stuff, somehow I even bring a book! See how many stuff I brought out! *crazy
 你可不要小看这包包看似虽小,可是我包包里面可是藏了很多东西哦!我平时就带着些东西出门的。Powder Foundation, Facial Mist, 护唇膏,吸油纸什么的当然是女人的必备啊!补妆嘛~ 梳子也是我最近才开始携带,因为头发每次都乱的像狮子,不梳头怎么能够见人嘛,呵呵!有时候一个人的时候当然是要去享受咖啡嘛,有了咖啡 没有一本书怎么行?
Frankly, I still even put my camera inside my bag when I attend to event, isn't it big enough!!!! This is freaking scare me out, when my camera can stuck into this bag, THIS IS AMAZED! Some leather bag don't you feel is heavy? Even you didn't put anything inside yet, but this bag is not same with other! Is very light and handy, I think this bag is specially designed for me this kind of lazy girl! Haha. This bag I can't say any of bad, is leather some more is in Black! For who same as me are "big prawn head" so careless is most suitable! Lol you don't even need to care your bag will get dirt cuz is black color!! Even my sister said this bag is so pretty hahaha! :P Btw let's see few "selfie" with my new handbag. 
别以为这就塞满了哦,有时候出席Event 我也把我的相机也放进去,容量度够大吗!!!吓人吧!我不能拍给你们看,因为我在用着我唯一的相机拍啊 如果我也放我相机进包包的话 就没的拍照了啊 哈哈,它的容量真的很大!而且拿起来也不会说很重,有些皮革包包不都是很重的吗?这款可不会哦!这也是我喜欢的一点!尤其是皮革,又是黑色!对我这些粗心的人最好了,不怕弄脏 吃饭的时候掉几条菜也不用怕 (笑)太喜欢这个包包了,连我姐姐也说好漂亮哈哈 再来晒几张我与包包的合照 :P

Skirt: F Block 
Shoes: Vicci 

Bag from 包包来自: 小安 網絡店鋪 
5 colours available: 白色 White / 深蓝 Dark Blue / 黑色 Black / 粉色 Pink / 绿色 Green
价钱 PRICE: RM45 with postage
Wechat: jueanbeautyworld  


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