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May 8, 2014

PizzaHut New Launch Menu | Taste Of Italy

 Sorry about lately I kept blog because April & May is really such a busy month for me, but guess what? I still lazy as always, always wait until last minute only blog, so that why.... i been updated my blog lately sorry if I trouble you :( Anyway, I was invited to Pizza Hut Pavillion for their new launch menu, woots what's more important than FOOD? :P 

Taste Of Italy 

The New Italian Menu 

So, you asked me which my favourite? For Pasta, ofcourse is the Garlic Cream Fettuccine!! The garlic cream with fettuccine is just like perfect match! I could eat 2 plate of it, because is too delicious, you guys should go try it out! Bet you will love it as I do! And for PizzaFlorentine Chicken Pizza! Is taste so good, actually Pizza Hut New Launch Menu all foods is so delicious, i just love it! :) 

Thanks Pizza Hut Malaysia for offering us such a delicious dinner, that day is awesome & great :) 


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