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May 6, 2014

Mary Quant Spread Your Love Baking Workshop

 Last Saturday, is my first time ever go to event with my mom is actually quite exciting! Like.. OMG! Go event with mom!! So happy! (LOL) Before start the Baking Workshop, let us take a "WEFIE" :)
A simple family portrait with my mom and my younger bro :) 

Time to baking!!!!!! YAYYY, wearing apron provided by Mary Quant <3 


A group photos with bloggers and all prettier mom <3 

My mom & I never make any cookie before, yes NEVER!
 So is our first time to make cookie, is lot of fun during the baking workshop! 

 Have to wait 45 mins. so while waiting the cookies we went to the Mary Quant Makeover session  
 Ms.Tataki from Japan 

Our freshly baked cookies! 

And... after decorated lol 

Had so much fun during the Mary Quant Baking Workshop
I hope there's still have lot of workshop that allowed to bring my mom along! Because sharing is caring :P 
Thanks Manoah & Mary Quant <3 

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