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Aug 12, 2014

EUMORA Facial Bar Review

I never thought that One day, my face is become fair and smooth, cuz I have acne problem since age 16 until now, not to mention, i been through to hell before! Acne, really can make a people feel down, upset, no confidence. I never dare to look in other people front, because of my acne face, I always think what others will think of me? A monster? When they see my face, they'll get shocked and ask "My god, why your face so many of pimples" blah blah blah tons of bullshit, I WANT TO GET RID OF ACNE! Lot of my friends asked me go to Facial, Okay, I went to facial and that almost cost me 2k, yes I almost waste 2k on facial, and here what I got.

GETTING MORE WORSE, WTFFF!!  The most muffled & unhappy days ever in my life, Hence, I've tried tons of skincare product that cost me almost a thousand? (non included I went to facial)  they claims can cure pimple / scars, but no one product really cure my acne problem before, until I met the magical! EUMORA Facial Bar

I heard this brand before years ago, but this facial bar it cost pricey! I can't affordable when I still a student, luckily i get to try it now! And this is amazed, it cure my Acne / Scars problem! 

Eumora - The Sensational Moor Skin Health Bar infused with HmA Factor
Suitable for everyday use and all skin types.

With regular use:
  • Face becomes Fairer, Radiant & Glowing
  • Face looks Younger
  • Skin will be Moisturized & Nourished
  • Skin feels Softer & Smoother
  • Skin is Firm & Lifted
  • Big Facial Pores are Closed Up
  • Wrinkles are Reduced & Freckles Lightened
  • Eye Bags disappear
What is HmA Factor? 

 HmA (MicroAlgae factor) is formulated from a world-renowned pharmaceutical patent by a European company, derived from microalgae cultivated in the Hawaiian fresh water lakes. It includes a component that is similar to the structure of hyaluronate 3D mesh structure, which aids in moisture absorption.

 HmA is an unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of MicroAlgae. It is an effective hydrating agent and can help in strengthening the mechanisms of skin defense. It has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the defense qualities of the skin barrier, thus giving extraordinary softness and brightness.

 HmA is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the skin’s energy and protect the skin to stay away from all kinds of pressure. With its absolute compatibility with the skin, it doesn’t irritate, and provides moisture for all types of skin in all climate.

Directions for use:
1. Wet your hands
2. Put the Eumora facial bar on your hands to create a thick lather. 
Do not add water directly on the bar itself.
3. Apply gently onto the skin, leave on for three minutes or more
4. Rinse off with water.

ALMOST INSTANT RESULTS, Actively cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin for a brighter, refreshed complexion.but not only this! I have Testimonial to show you! I took 20 days to get almost ACNE-FREE SKIN with EUMORA Facial Bar!

No any PS I swear to got, this is my personally tested and tried for 20 days, and here's the final result
What I don't like about EUMORA FACIAL BAR is let made skin dry, even i have oily skin, but that doesn't matter, i just will apply a extra moisture moisturizer and will be fine. Hence, I do not recommended for DRY SKIN people, it might let you skin slight peeling. So far this product is not bad, because is really help my skin get rid of at least 50% Acne & Scars that on my face

Effective product should be share to more people, what you think about this product? Yay or Nay ? 


  1. The soap bar is so small! Hehe. Confirm one month or less than that can finish using d. Last time I heard this brand also but they use MLM scheme one. So I very scare lol

    1. Yes ikr! I already finished one, this is the last one. But very effective. Yes I also heard it before :/

  2. Hi ! :DD Same here. Its very effective. Anyway, you guys bought the bars for how much? I got it for free. Few days ago, my friend passed me this link, then i click lor, they are doing new promotion, we can claim FREE bars :D OMG... I got mine. So far, nothing happens :/

    here the link, you can check

  3. Hi.. the one you used looks genuine to me. I bought the "fake" one last time, purple logo, no effect at all.. May I know where you bought yours?

  4. There are several people talking about the the Eumora Facial Bar.

    Found this interesting review video of someone who tried it in the States. Should check it out.

  5. Hi Gandaruwa... you can purchase it at the Eumora Shop (http://shop.tryeumora.com/). For a limited time only, you get to enjoy a discount on your first box. Hurry and pick it up.

  6. If you want to try it first before purchasing the full box, you may get it here: www.eumorasample.com
    Just pay Shipping & Handling.

  7. Great way to get a FREE Eumora facial bar to try out.. http://bit.ly/eumorafacial

  8. hi..i have a big prob wth my oily skin PLUS ofcz pimples..got to knw bout eumora..n jus tried mine today..i hope it works 4 me as i hv spent a lot to get rid of tis open pores n pimples..i m 46..omg but still hv tis prob..plz eumore...he;p me tp solve my prob..finger crossed..


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