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Mar 7, 2014

Review: Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion

Make up is important, but remove your make up is more important! Non-Rinse Makeup Remover is my first makeup remover, A new brand to give a try! Why not? Plus is water based makeup remover, I think it will be suitable for my oily skin! 

The packaging is nothing too special although I really do like the aqua blue color and the cute flowery print on the bottle. The actually bottle has all the writing in Japanese so I am very glad that what we get here has a label with clear english descriptions! (so sorry i forgot to capture the packaging, i've tear off) 

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There were a four types of cleansing lotions on the shelves at the shops, so there's one that should suit your skin type - 
age care (for mature skin), moist (for dry skin), bright up (for dull skin), and sebum (for oily skin). I picked sebum because of my annoyingly oily skin 

The instructions say to soak a cotton pad using about 3 pumps and wipe makeup off gently. Repeat until all makeup is removed. 
So here is the result, The product itself was pretty much what I expected. Because the Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion is water based, 
it does not leave any oily residue whatsoever, which I think is absolutely brilliant for lazy bones like me. Bifesta claims that there's no need for any skin care routine after using this cleansing lotion because it has moisturizing and toning  properties
so you can use this to remove your makeup and head straight to bed. 

Test on hand 

 As you can see above GIF that i make, Bifesta can take off water-resistant mascara/eyeliner (with up to a 30secs of soaking per eye),
heavy foundation, and  lipstick, although it draws the line at waterproof mascara. It's still just water-based, after all.
I don't often use waterproof mascara anyway so I don't mind this limitation.

Now, the downsides: you have to use A LOT of liquid to remove regular makeup, and much more if you're wearing a full face with all the frills. 
I usually use three to four pads, each loaded and soaked with a generous amount of the makeup remover. 
I've already consumed a quarter of the 300ml bottle in just two weeks, and even then I use it max of three times per week. 
The label in the back says that it's only good for a month to 1.5 months of use.

To wipe off my face, eye and even lip makeup, I use generously-soaked cotton pads to remove everything, about 3-5 pads for a full makeup.
 It removes foundation and the most stubborn matte lipsticks in an absolute breeze;
however you have to be patient with it on waterproof mascaras/eyeliners
Remember it’s just water-based but if you leave the saturated pads on your eyes for around half a minute that would do the trick. 
But, this is still a good product for me 

Have you try out Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion yet? What's your opinion? 
You can purchase it on every Watson / Guardian if you would like to try out :)

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  2. i also use bifesta and they're the best! really love their sebum cleansing water ^_^


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