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May 26, 2015

Sorella Private Workshop Session

Few weeks ago, I was invited to attend Sorella Private Workshop session at Tropicana City Mall and get to know more about brassiere knowledge. Sorella Special Guest, Ms Chen Ting Chen who flown all the way from Taiwan sharing some tips and tricks from her over 30 years of experience!

During the sharing session, Ms Chen shared Top 5 Important Ways to make your body hotter:

  1. The Importance of Body Measurement  
  2. Ensuring the right bra size  
  3. 7 steps to cross check after wearing inner wear  
  4. How to clean and maintain your bra
  5.  When to change your bra?
How to get a Right Cup Size

To get the right size, measure your lower bust which sizes comes in 70 (68-72cm), 75 (73-77cm), 80 (78-82cm), 85(83-87cm), 90 (88-92cm) and 95 (93cm and above)

To get the cup size, calculate the difference by measure your upper bust minus the number of lower bust. Here's the cup sizes for each difference; 

      Cup size measurement in Centimetre (CM)
A cup : 10-12cm 
B cup: 13-14cm 
C cup: 15-17cm 
D cup: 18-19cm 
E cup: 20-22cm 
F cup: 23-25cm 
G cup: 26cm & above 

       Lower Bust Measurement in Centimetre (CM)           
                                                    70size : 68-72cm                                                      
75size : 73-77cm  
80size : 78-82cm 
   85 size : 83 – 87cm
   90 size : 88 – 92cm
                   95 size : 93cm & above           

How To Wear Bra? 

  • When putting on a bra, bend down to 45 degree, slightly allow breast fall a little before faster bra hook.
  • Adjust bra strap to ensure its comfortable and move left or right for 2-3times.
  • Bend down again, placing one hand into the cup and use a sweeping motion to lift your breast up into the cups to ensure whole breasts fitted into 
  • Lastly, make a little movement for hand up and down, ensure your bra are well fitted even you make any action. Therefore, you are in a great nice and right way to wear a bra

How to CLEAN and MAINTAIN your BRA? 

  • would preferably in hand wash. 
  • Soak the  bra in water with detergent up to 30min, cleaning bra cup with using side band. 
  • cleaning right cup with using left band and cleaning left cup with using right band.
  • Slightly press on cup size with using "fist" way to dry the water from each cup. 
  • preferable dry naturally, avoid dryer.
  • Hanging upside down of the bra while drying to avoid out of shape.

When to change a NEW piece? 

  • the longest time frame for a bra life sustainable up to 6months (approximately 90 wash).
  • If you realizes the bra is not longer fit and so happen that were your favourable piece, be aware, it could cause your breast out of shape and even the most worst situation as in bad illness might affect your daily lifestyle.

Message showing that you bra had expired

  • Your bra moving upward often and easily
  • Bra strap drop out of your  shoulder easily
  • Indentations on your breast
  • Small sizes of bra cause breast pressure
  • Too BIG of cup size

Pros of wearing a RIGHT lingerie

  • Getting Firm
  • Getting Slim
  • Firmer Skin
  • Byebye to body fat
  • Confidence booster

 Here's are some Sorella's new and latest undergarments.

 COOL FABRIC Collection  
Theme design: Dreamy Crystal 

  • Unique Massage Padding which generation well blood circulation
  • 13cm High side panel to provide better coverage
  • Inner wiring with seamless design
  • 2cm lower elastic band to enhance cleavage 
  • U back design to provide a better outlook no matter what you wear

Colour Available in Green and Black
Price: RM169.90 

Theme design : Dazzling Night 

  • Breathable padding for better breathability in such a hot weather
  • High panel to provide well support
  • Bra Cup in 3D design to giving more uplift
  • Inner wiring with seamless design
  • 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexiest cleavage

Colour available in Black and Purple
Price: RM169.90 

Theme design : Romantic Whisper  
  • 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexiest cleavage 
  • 2.5cm AQUA padding
  • Refreshing while wearing in summer hot weather
  • Cleavage enhance
  • Pus up from a to c cup instantly

Colour available in Blue & Pink
Price: RM169.90 

 This is what I received from Sorella, which Ms.Chen chose for me and perfectly match with my size. I never thought that I will be in D80, normally I bought brassier size are B cup, until I met Ms Chen and she find out my right measurement I was shocked as hell. Whoa, you know what cuz I never know I will be that 'big'. Now I have a new full set of comfortable brassier and underwear. Thank You Sorella!

So girls now you know choosing a RIGHT BRA is very important to every women! Don't buy the design you like, or bigger cup or smaller cup to enhance your cleavage anymore, it will let you feel very uncomfortable! Thank you Ms Chen & Sorella for letting me know a lot better of myself. 

For more information, visit Sorella Malaysia for more updates; 

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