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May 22, 2015

LunchClick - The Dating App!

Have you ever use any Dating App before? I never try it before, and fortunately I get invited to try out Malaysia’s first female-centric dating app, LunchClick.  LunchClick promises to deliver a safe, effective dating experience for those looking for a serious relationship.

All you need to do is download the LunchClick App on your Appstore / Google Play (free), and sign up through facebook to prevent fake profiles etc. 

Like I said, after you installed LunchClick App on your phone, you are requires to sign up through Facebook. They also check your facebook profiles and  relationship status to prevent people with fake profiles or attached status from being on the app.

After finished your register, you are now one of the member of LunchClick! You can edit your profile e.g: Profile Picture, Details, Preferences and Date Idea or more.

Lunch Click offers one match at 12noon daily. Only one match so that females don’t get many creepy guys messaging them!

Here’s my match today, I can either Like or Pass.

The most unique point of the App, there's a real person as Love Assistant for you to solve your problem!Receive highly personalized assistance from them every step of the way… until you go on a date! Awesome right :D

What I Like About Lunch Click: 

 - manual profile approval: love assistant vets through all incoming profiles and rejects 20-30% of people who sign up (these are the people who are actually married or in a relationship, but still trying to sign up for the app!)

LunchClick App can be downloaded from here (iTunes) or here (Play Store),  Good Luck girls!

Website: http://www.lunchclick.co/

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  1. thank for this app, will try it later, but i`m interested in helping people that dont know how to do it, thats why i wrote this article https://kovla.com/blog/the-new-modern-rules-of-dating/, if you follow the rules, you will find your love!


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