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Sep 10, 2014

KANA D-NA Snail & Starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Mask Review

Bello girls, have you addicted about night mask? For me, Night Mask always is my favorite. I felt that Night Mask is better than paper mask, is hydrated more and smooth my skin! Today I gonna share my honest opinion on this KANA D-NA Snail & Starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Mask from Thailand. Please continue reading, because I have something specially for you! 

 KANA Booster Mask, a miracle to perfect skin, contains DNA snail Add moisture to your skin and reduce wrinkle, Asteria Vulgaris or star fish has good moisturizing effect on skin, and arbutin, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and mentol derivative as main active ingredient which will contribute to white, fresh, and silky skin. While potato extract can function like women hormone, progestorone, making your skin firm and strong as well as renovating skin cells. The mask also contain Glutathione and virgin rice bran oil extract that acts as an effective anti-oxidant and moisturizing agents respectively. This Kana booster Mask will ultimately brighten, moisturize, and firm your skin. 
KANA D-NA Snail Booster Mask is the latest innovative technology from Japan, is an overnight turbo booster mask which is known as wash off sleeping mask.


KANA D-NA Snail & Starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Mask has added Tranexamic Acid as one of the ingredients! This ingredient is suitable for all skin type for removing pigmentation and whitening skin.

KANA D-NA Snail & Starfish Overnight Turbo Booster Mask Benefits: 

  • Reduce wrinkle.
  • Reduce acne redness
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots, signs of sun damage, and post-acne marks.
  • Helps brighten & even out skin tone and promotes long-term radiance revealing a more radiant glow.
  • Moisturizes the Skin, Reduces the Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

The first day I received this product and I straightly use it at night, what I must said is, i love this!!! My GOD, Kana Mask has a good smell, is very nice and I didn't get any sensitive or pimples after used for several weeks. Kana Mask is a must for me, is really moisturize my dehydrated & dull skin like immediately. It reduces my acne scars as well, which is very made me feel surprise and happy! The texture is very creamy but not sticky nor greasy,  just need to slather a thick layer of the overnight mask and leave it to until next day morning. In the next day, my skin is super hydrated and bouncy!

It absorb very quickly and leaves skin no greasy or clogged pores! Even though is recommended to use 3 times a week, but I just use it everyday! Since I used it everyday. my acne scars has reduced and didn't caused any breakouts or irritation! How can I don't love Kana Mask!!! It gives me hydrated, plumper, soft & flawless skin!

For the most obvious result, I can see my pores has minimize and reduces acne scars / redness! This is very good! Is very effective, and it made my skin so soft & smooth after applying! Thanks Kana Mask Malaysia for sent me this miracle product! *love* 

Thanks to KANA MASK MALAYSIA for sent me 8 mini samples to giving out to my readers (you). :) 
Wanna have a brighter, firm & flawless skin?! You must try this out, I will be giving out 8 mini samples to you! 
I will be giving out 2 samples for each winner, so it will have 4 winners! 

All you need to do is, tell me "Why do you want a sample of Kana Booster Mask?" by leaving me a comment, 
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If you want to get a full size instead of sample size, you can get it now at: 

Line/wechat: huhuhpama
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  1. 好想得到你所说的产品因为我的皮肤对其他护肤品都很敏感都很容易生痘痘,想试下这个新产品看是不是适合我的皮肤!谢谢感恩。

  2. Why do you want a sample of Kana Booster Mask?
    I want a sample of Kana Booster Mask because recently I'm having my trial exam. As burning the midnight oil, my skin became SUPER WORST and all pimple 'pop out'. So I wish to get this Kana Booster Mask for a try on it (p/s: I have to get a sample before I buy the full set as my skin is super sensitive :( so I wish to have a try first ^^ )

    Email : shehjing97@gmail.con

  3. I want a sample of Kana Booster Mask because i think this is the real antidote to heal my blemish skin.
    Email: get_jasmine.mok@hotmail.com

  4. Definitely agree that overnight masks work way better than sheet masks! I’ve never heard of a snail mask that incorporates starfish into the formula as well so this should be interesting! Somehow having aquatic things in the ingredient list seems to assure me that it’ll moisturise haha.

    I’d want to get a sample of Kana Booster Mask because I’d like something to fade away my acne scars and moisturise my skin at the same time! Also since it’s snail, it has less tendency to hurt my skin compared to lightening and bleaching components in most acne-fading products!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary
    E-mail: fuurindiary@gmail.com

  5. 好想得到 Kana Booster Mask 因为看起来很好用的样子!你的皮肤真的比之前好很多。我的皮肤差不多像你这样子的,想试用看~


  6. I want a sample of Kana Booster Mask because I have been suffering from acne and severe pimple marks for a very long time :(. I'm really interested in this mask as you said it's not oily or greasy like other night mask I've use before. :D I'll be very grateful to find a suitable product for my sensitive skin><! Thanks :)


  7. I want a sample of Kana Booster Mask because my skin has redness for very long time ago and sensitive, sometimes will dryness also. I try many products that can reduce my redness also useless. Therefore i need Kana Booster Mask to help me repair my skin to become soft, smooth and brighter than before since i never has this feeling for a very long time ago T.T. Thank you so much ^_^.



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