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Sep 27, 2014

I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask & Water Gel Review

Have you ever imagine how many dust or dirt inside of your face? Your skin will just getting worse even using expensive items? Do you have unevenly darkened skin, red / sensitive skin, dull & saggd skin, frequent dark circles, stressed skin due to 24/7 air-conditioning, accumulated wastes deep in pores! Wonder why these symptoms will happens on you? Because of Skin Toxins, accumulated for long time. Through Cleansing & Careful Skincare are not ENOUGH! Do you ever know actually you can cure all the problem I list above?! Do you want to get back your baby skin?! Let me introduce you two products made in Korea that I been used for a month! And It's my faves skincare now, that is... I'm From Vitamin Tree! It will helps you say GOODBYE for Skin Toxins & Stressors! Sounds awesome right?! I'm From Vitamin Tree is Pure Natural Vitamin's Purify Skin Detox, well there's are two type of products to help you! The first one is, I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask to detoxify your skin & Clear stressors away. Second, I'm From Vitamin Tree Water Gel to Whitens up your skin with 0% stickiness!   

Now, see the difference of Magical Vitamin Power! Detoxifying, Nourishing, Rich Vitamins, Purifying, Brightening, Hydrating! Vitamin Solutions for your Stressed Skin! A Special Skin DETOX for ZERO-STRESS SKIN! 
I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask & Water Gel 
Why So Special? It's because.... 
Btw do you know what is Vitamin Tree? It is an important source of natural vitamins: 5x richer in Vitamin E than apples, and 200x richer in Vitamin C than lemons. Effectively sooth the stressed skin against outer causes of sensitivity! Take the Farm-Fresh nutritions of Fresh Vitamin Leaves. Directly-supplied exclusively from Byeong-Pung Village, Taebaek Mt. Korea. Now you know some basics info about Vitamin Tree Mask & Water Gel! Without Further Ado, let's get start to see my review on these lovely product! 

The packaging is so simple but I love it! I still keep the packaging till now! It all with description in Korean, but no worry. There's still have a directions in English teach how to use!

I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask 

 The mask is kind of mud texture, is very creamy & thick! 1 bottle of Vitamin Tree Mask (110g) contains 611 Leaves of Fresh Vitamin Tree (Sea Buckthorn). 5 No's in Vitamin Tree Mask & Water-Gel that are Fragrance,  Colors, Talc. Benzophenone & Mineral Oils 

It has a very strong smells of Leaves, it very mild. finely ground of Vitamin Leaves ensure Mild Spread with no Irritation

Leave it on skin about 10 minutes, and then rinse off with clean water 

 large pores, visible blackhead and scars! 


My skin is feel cleaner and brighter! Yeah I know my acne scars is still there! But hey this is just my photos after I applied Vitamin Tree Mask! I bet this world would not have a products that can be so powerful can cure your acne scars in just one application right?! You must keep using it! What I must say is THE CATECHIN IS AN EXCELLENT NATURAL INGREDIENT TO DETOXIFY STRESSED SKIN!

I'm From Vitamin Tree Water-Gel

  After detox your face, is time for use Vitamin Tree Water-Gel to boots your face!

The texture very watery, light, soft and non sticky! Which I love the most! I always hate to apply some sticky skincare on my face is just make me feel so uncomfortable! But Vitamin Tree Water-Gel is just my faves, is watery cream full of moisture, easy spreading, fast absorbing into skin! Is suitable for Normal & Oily Skin! I used this as my moisturizer after toned my face, is just give me a glowy skin looking! 

 Honestly, you should try Vitamin Tree! It a very good product, plus it can detox your skin & give you a healthier looking skin! Why shouldn't you try? Start detox your skin from today with Vitamin Tree Mask & Water-Gel before your face is full of toxins! You can get it now on:  

Price: I'm From Vitamin Tree Mask: RM 128
 I'm From Vitamin Tree Water Gel: RM 98

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