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Sep 2, 2014

Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation Review

 Hello Girls, today I'm going to introduce you a new Powder Foundation from Mary Quant! Smoo Make, a moist, powdery foundation that subtly monoeuvres light, transforms your skin into the condition you desire! Excited? Wanna know more about this product? Please continue reading

The Powder Foundation with the Brand Symbol "The Black Daisy". The sweet and playful daisy logo. So adorable right
Smoo Make provides a moist, melting sensation while being applied with a puff, but is completely smooth once the application is finished. 

 The highly moisturising powder foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and three-dimensional appearance.
Powders that incorporate ample moisture adhere to the skin as if dissolving onto it.
The foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin colour, creating radiant, firm, smooth skin.
Yes, the Smoo Make Powder Foundation can be taken apart with the powder foundation compact, 
you only need to repurchase the powder foundation if you finish used.

Direction of Use: 
After toning your skin with the skin lotion, milky lotion and makeup base, 
apply an appropriate amount to a puff, and spread evenly over your face. 

You can see the difference, my pores is cover up and is even my skin tone! Is covered my flaw! This is amazing, to be frank i know makeup since 14, and i never use Powder Foundation!! Because I scare it will make my face look "cakey", heavy makeup and make my fine lines look more obviously! But, with Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation is totally not same with other brands of powder foundation! The texture of powder foundation is very smooth, and gives my skin a firm & radiant looking! Is a good product to use if you're rushing time to go a dating!  But make sure apply moisturizer, sunscreens & makeup base before you apply Smoo Make Powder Foundation, to gives you a nice radiant look instead of "cakey" look!

Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation 
Price: RM108 

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