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Aug 24, 2013

Korean Style Thick Eyeliner Tutorial ♥

Hi sweetie, today I wanna share a tutorial is about EYELINER! ♥ 
In fact, eyeliner might be the most important eye makeup tool ever invented.
Eyeliner can change your eyeshape and enlarge your eye! It can let eyes immediately filled with spirit. 

Before tutorial start i have to mention something, This Eye Makeup quite heavy & thick,
 i don't think is suitable for every eyeshape! It will make you look fierce, but i think this eye makeup a little like Rock Style (?) 
Whatever just start it, some of you is going to kick my ass if i still continue talking nonsense :x

Product I using in this Tutorial: 
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Black) 
I think everyone of you did know this brand right? 
CHEAP, USEFUL, BRANDED how can you not buy?!?!
You can find it on every Retails Store like Watsons/Guardian etc 

Let's share some tip for y'all 
If the brush becomes Hardened , you can use a mist spray make brush soften, 
or you can using a Wet Tissues rub brush head, can either clean and antibacterial
After that, dip some Eyeliner Gel with brush

Step 1: Draw your inner eyeliner to enlarge your eyes
 (Do not let the liner with a gap between the eyelids,
 the proportion of eyes will become very strange.)
2:  Use gel liner to create a thicker droopy line on top (without a winged tip)

Step 3: Draw a thinner line on the bottom lash line & inside tear ducts  (red dots area)
Do not draw too thick on under the lash line, it may looks "panda-like" 
In photo 2 is an example after finish. remember fill up your tear ducts  

(alright, i dont know why i will posting an ugly pose at "3". just ignore me -.-)
Step 4: (red dots) Start by drawing a line from the middle portion of the top lash line 
up to the outer corner. 
5: (white dots) Next, draw a line from the outer third corner of the lower lid. 
Finish by connecting the tip of the upper and lower eyeliner. Rough on both sides of the middle and should be fine depiction, 
Simply line both the lower and upper lash line and extend the line from the outer corners going up 
Or just following the mark on pic, if you don't understand my broken describe loll 


Hope you guys like this tutorial, will be update more 
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