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Aug 28, 2013

As a Blogger...

Hi dears sweetie, today i'm not going to share any beauty tips in this posts.. 
cuz i gonna say something about my blog. 

Yeah! I get my own domain name website finally, thanks for my sponsorship! :D

And my header background,
How, does this header design nice than before? hehe 
I designed by myself, is took me 3/4hours to create this! 
Because is need to keep transparent background, those cosmetic clipart, picture, background etc.
 Is not hard for me, but is just took lot of time on it

And i created a PAGES on my header center, 
click "About Me" to get my personal details, 
Click "Collaboration with Sponsors & Provides Service" 
to know what services I provide, 
and my blog are open Collaboration with sponsors now, 
just click into to know more about COLLABORATION  information! 
"CONTACT ME" i think no need me explain right? haha, 
 "FAQ" Click to see what the question you guys been asking me so many times :< 
And please don't ask again, if i already answered it :p 

Oh ya, i have to mention something important! 
I will paste my own watermark in every photos in future! 
Except for those picture i found on Google

Will be use English to blog, yeah no why, just feel like as a Blogger 
I should be seriously, or "ACT LIKE A PRO" lol 
Is helping improve my english grammar, because you know my english really sucks 
If i use the wrong syntax, don't laugh me! :( 

As what i just mention on above, my blog officially open Various Collaboration! 
Click here to know more information about Collaboration! 
I do accept any: 
 Products Review, Giveaway, Sponsored Posts, Exclusive events, 
Cash Advertising, Blog Affiliate Program etc 
Just send email to: koeyleow@gmail.com  to further discussion! :D 

Tired & Tired & Tired 
Why say so?? Since those sponsorship find me on Email
And since i start join  beauty website as Blog Affiliate, 
and finally have sponsorship create domain blog for me 
since so many of these.......... 
In this 4 day, did you trust i just slept 5hrs per day?? 
Okay i know some of you might think WHY LEH?? 
 "Blogger not supposed to be Freedom and Relax meh???"  
I also wondering WHY??? maybe i too tension about if i  late to reply those sponsorship mail?
so i couldn't sleep well because my brains keep wake me up to reply mailing? Oh i guess so

What I did in this 4 days? 
Sitting in front computer up to 10hours, Edit my blog, edit edit edit! 
is like in my entire life, i never spending so much time on my blog.. lol
you know what, CCS code & HTML code on new blog template is fucking hard to learn! 
Headache when facing those code, anyway at last i success done my edition in blog. 

Took me 3 days, from i woke up, done replied all email, and eat, bath finish all my personal things. 
just like OMFG am i really going back to sit in front computer
 facing those fucking HTML again?? 

Except HTML code, been headache in Editing also :( 
I  used to be crazy edit my own picture before, but after all of these. Okay, no more EDIT in my world
Scared, headache.... Sleepless!!! 
Maybe i spending too much time on computer, body can't burden
Feel dizzy and headache always :<

 Anyway what i having now, is all my own fight to get back
Remember, What you pay, what you will get. 你付出什麽,你就得到什麽成果

As a Beauty Blogger, i will try my best & put lot of effort into my blog 
to share all the beauty tips for my lovely readers
That's all, okay i going to kick my ass to sleep like a boss now! Bye readers! 

Instagram: @koeyleow

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