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Aug 27, 2013

DIY: Homemade Egg Pore Strips

Honestly, i have tried out lot of different brands of Pore strips that say 
it will effective remove Blackhead and whitehead,
 but these all nose strips are not effective on me, how sad or maybe my pore are too stubborn :< 

Anyway, i wouldn't get disappointed anymore since I find the right way to Clear off my pore,
wanna know what's the method? And that is.. 
I found out one kitchen beauty tips recently on beauty website, and very effective! 
Yeah Is Homemade Pore Strips, what material you need to prepare?

 Homemade pore strips only require two material,  one of that you likely have in your home already!
  All you need is a Single Egg and facial tissues, 
tear a ply of facial tissues seems to have the best results!

Let's get start it! 

What you need to prepare is: 
A bowl,
A Egg, 
Facial Tissues / Cotton 

Before you make all of these, remember clean your face
thoroughly with warm water to open up your pores, 
and lightly dab dry with a towel

Let separate the egg white from egg yolk and place them in different bowls, 
Use a fork to whisk your egg whites until they look a bit 
bubbly and are nicely blended.

Tear a ply of Facial tissues, the more thinner facial tissues, 
is the best for nose strips :>
Use facial tissues, dip inside Egg White Bowl,
Let the facial tissues completely penetrated in egg white :D
Apply on Nose, Forehead & Chin Area! 
Avoid any broken skin or areas around your eyes.

Wait Around 15-30mins, until the nose strips have hardened like Paper Mache 
OHHHHHHH AM I LOOK LIKE MUMMY?? lol baddest joke ever

Do Slowly and Gently peel away nose strips on face 
Rinse the skin with a washcloth and warm water.
Don't forget to Moisturize nose area to convergence pores! :D 

So here is the Before & After comparison chart, see isn't amazing enough?! 
But honestly, i hate the smell of egg white is disgusting made me wanna vomit :< 

Anyway, i did do some research about Egg Mask too, 
you can add some Honey into Egg Yolk to Make a Honey Egg Yolk Mask! 
Is moisturizing, nourishing, firming, Shrink Pores, 
while also smoothing & brightening skins. 
Wao seems lot of Effect in this DIY mask, gonna try out next time HAH!

For Oily Skin types like me, just use Egg White + Honey
 Dry Skin types use the Egg Yolk, 
and use the whole Egg if you are normal skin types.  

Hope you guys like this DIY Egg Pore Strips! 
Will be update more about BeautyTips soon! <3

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