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Jul 2, 2012

♥The working life

Hey every lovely blogger ~ ♥ Today i gonna short update some of my recent busy working life!! But first i gonna ask you something! Do you feel my blog have something change? Yeah, IS NEW  BLOG LOOKS! Appreciate to Angel's (linkshe's really a good person i ever met, although i don't even know her we're stranger, but she also help me design my blog! Thanks her so much i really love my blog looks damn much, i think i will more update my blog from now I LOVE MY BLOG :p BACK TO TOPIC Should start blog now.

this is recent me! Say hello to JULY! And please be good to me. Goodbye shit JUNE! :3 
I really so enjoying my work now, is lot of fun 


I spent my time with my lovely parents when i no work, the naughty cute boy :)
I miss you my little brother jun hoong 

The day at 1 shamelin shopping mall playground. He quite happy :-*

And i keep doing spa at my mommy shop :p *ignore my lil bro naughty hand! 

My mom is operate Massage center at 
Cheras Kampung Cheras Baru六裡村, near Taman Muda 太子園 Oldtown (beside have a Esso oil-station
Whole body Massage 1 hour 
全身按摩一個小時 - RM60.00
Massage 1 hour + Feet spa (for Blood circulation) + Steam engine (disinfection, relax and more) 
按摩一個小時,中藥浴足(幫助血液循環, 促進新陳代謝, 消除疲勞和許多)
藥燻蒸汽機臉和全身(淨血排毒,改善手腳冰冷和許多)- RM77.00

For more details/booking please contact: (Jenny) 010 - 331 - 1566 

The day keep selca at my mom's shop, quite narcissism

TRYING NEW APP! Its nice and fun, i love galaxy :) 

 SATURDAY: Last day of june 30/6/2012
Le girls gang with me <3
I looks old than her right? :( 

SUNDAY: First day of July 
 My sad face? Lol  is my tiring face! Is not enough to sleep ==

We went to Klang  AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, is my very first time went there. The shopping mall is really huge for us :O We girls get lost at there, lucky got some good intention people told us where are the Cinema! If not we can overnight at there tonight LOL. We watched a movie today: MOTORWAYS 

The movie is quite awesome! Vote: 4/5

I bought a cute stitch cup from MINIS TOONS! Cute right? its cheap :p 

And this is some of my recent life, i've no much time to update too many! Please forgive me, i promise i will update more soon! And the first thing after i get my Salary, i must go FACIAL! My face is getting worst, lot of pimples wtf, i need facial so badly, i need fair skin LOL! I gonna stop talking crap, so Love you all dear readers, follow me on blogspot yea! Goodbye and meet you all next time! Xoxo <3 

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