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Jul 13, 2015

Bifesta Makeup Remover Series

Since I always put heavy makeup on my face, a good & convenience makeup remover is a must for me. I love to makeup but lazy to remove up because you know remove thick makeup is need a lot of times!!!! So, for lazy people like me I use the most quick and easy way to remove my makeup! What's the product so amazing that can let me remove my makeup and straight to bed without washing my face? What?!?!?!? It's....... BIFESTA Makeup Remover Series!

Bifesta claimed to be Japan's 1st Drugstore Water-based makeup remover, honestly before receiving this whole series of Bifesta Makeup Remover Series, I've been a fans of Bifesta. I used it before and I owned a few bottles in my house. I know when you heard of "WATER" you must think that "Duh, water-based makeup remover never wins Oil-based makeup remover"... If you think like this, I gonna prove you wrong! When the first time I bought Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (sebum) I was also thinking of the same question like you did. But after I tried to used, OMG I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!! Plus, Oil-based makeup remover is not suitable for me, is made my face breakout even though oil-based makeup remover are stronger than water-based makeup remover. But, today I just going to prove you how Bifesta works. Girls, if you are having same problem with me whose doesn't like oil-based makeup remover you are going to love Bifesta!! Thanks to Bifesta Malaysia for giving me to try out the whole series of Bifesta Water-Based Makeup Remover which are: Cleansing Lotion Series , Eye MakeUp Remover  , Cotton Wipes Remover

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Series // 

Which provided 4 handy variants for different skin types:

Dry Skin (Enrich) : Contains Coenzyme Q10 for rich moist
Normal & Dry Skin (Moist) : With double moisturising ingredients to retain skin moisture & high moisture effect. 
Oily Skin (Sebum) : Contains Green Tea Extract to reduce pore size
Combination Skin (Bright Up) : Removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores

RM 27.80

 Bifesta Cotton Wipes Remover Series //
This is the new series of Bifesta makeup remover, which you are only need One sheets of Cotton Wipes to remove your whole face of makeup without cleansing!! Especially suitable for Travels / Sleepovers.
Bifesta Cotton Wipes are OIL FREE, COLORANT FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE! The most amazing part is, is came with 2 variants for different skin types which are Normal & Dry Skin and Combination Skin! 

RM 19.80

 Bifesta Eye & Lips Remover //
Another Best-Selling product!! Bifesta Eye & Lips Remover contains Vitamin B & E provide gentle moisture for eye area and lashes! Quick & Effective water-based eye makeup remover that giving you a clean and moisturized skin! It can be removes waterproof mascara!! Another Gentle yet Powerful water-based eye makeup remover

RM 22.80 

Things I put on my face: 
CC Cream, Pore Eraser, Concealer, Eye shadow, Liquid Eyeliner, Blusher, Lip liner, Lipstick, Waterproof Mascara, Bronzer, Highlighter, Eyebrow Pencil. (sibeh thick makeup) 

Well, now let's started the try and tested!! Does Bifesta can fully remove my makeup? Let's see :) 

First: Eye & Lips Makeup Remover //
In case you didn't know, Bifesta Eye & Lips Makeup Remover are actually an Dual effect of water and oil layer, so you have to shake the bottle to mix the oil and water before you start remove your eye makeup. I usually remove my eye makeup first, I don't know why lol. To remove eye makeup, all you need is drip a few drops onto a cotton pad and lay it on your eyes about 10 seconds to let it melt down your eye makeup (especially when you wearing fake eyelashes) after that you can just wipe it off gently! You will see all of your eye makeup are on the cotton pad even waterproof mascara. What I like the most is, even the eye makeup remover flow into my eyes accidentally, my eyes doesn't feel any irritation at all! Is very Gentle yet Powerful! 

Step 2: Lips // 
I really like lipstick, and usually I put a LOT of lipstick, so if you didn't clean it well it will cause your lip color become darker or maybe even cancer. Hence, girls who like to apply lipstick like me. REMEMBER TO REMOVE YOUR LIPS MAKEUP! In case you are lazy to use different makeup remover to remove your lipstick, why don't use Bifesta Eye & Lip Makeup Remover instead? It can be remove Eye makeup and Lips as well! Amazing right :D 

Step 3: Cleansing Lotion (Normal & Dry Skin) // 
After removed my eye and lips makeup, is time to remove my face makeup! And while I remove my face makeup I usually used a lot of makeup remover to cleanse my face few times, just to make sure my face are clean and no more makeup residue left on my face. If your face still got makeup residue, it will cause you breakout, and clogged pores. WHICH ARE SUPER HORRIBLE!!! Normally I will use out 3-5 cotton pad to make sure my face are clean. Plus, Bifesta Cleansing Lotion contains ample moisture so I can straight head to bed with no rinsing required :D 

Step 4: Double Cleanse // 
Well, like I just said I remove my makeup few times. So after I used Cleansing Lotion to clean off my makeup, I will continues using Cotton Wipes to make sure my face are clean and no makeup residue left. Bifesta Cotton Wipes can be remove entire face makeup in just one sheets. But normally I will just use Cotton wipe to remove my entire face makeup first, secondly I will only use Cleansing Lotion to double cleanse. Both of method are works pretty well. It did remove my makeup pretty clean. Speaking of  Quick, Easy and Effectively Makeup Remover I think Bifesta Cotton Wipes definitely will be your favorites!

Here's are the BEFORE & AFTER. Remove my makeup by using Bifesta Makeup Remover Series. Overall, I really love how Bifesta Makeup Remover Series worked. Is pretty easy, fast and effectively to remove my whole makeup with no rinsing required! I just can straight head to bed and sleep after I removed my makeup. Bifesta are my favorites!! Plus Bifesta Cleansing Lotion provides variants for different skin types, which are the most awesome part! Normally those makeup remover selling in market does not provide this kind of things. Anyways, Bifesta will be worthy product to let you try out. WHO SAYS WATER-BASED MAKEUP REMOVER CAN'T REMOVE MAKEUP? I definitely highly recommend Bifesta for you if you are looking for non-oil based makeup remover :)

For More Information: 

Bifesta Malaysia 

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