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Jul 10, 2015


 Always wanted more than hydration from your skincare products? Why don't get hydration +50X more anti-oxidant power for smooth and bouncy skin with L'OREAL NEW Hydrafresh Range? Thanks to L'OREAL Malaysia for sending me this whole new range of product to try and tested, after trying this whole range of product about a month, what's my opinion on this product? Does this product really can helps you achieve bouncy, hydrate skin? Let's get started :) 

with the NEW L'OREAL Hydrafresh range that is infused with miraculous French Grape Seed extract. I don't have to worry too much of about dry and dull skin anymore! The L'oreal Hydra Fresh line is "The 1st refreshing hydration range with antioxidant benefits. Enriched with the finest French Grape Seed Extract, rich with antioxidants 50 times more effective than Vitamin E and Double Hylauronic Acid for Intensely hydrated, supple and radiant skin"

The range includes a HydraFresh Creamy Foam (Cleanser), HydraFresh Spa Water (Toner), HydraFresh Mask-In Water Gel ( Moisturizer),  HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly (Night Mask). 

 Creamy & Bubbly, Hydrate & Nourishes, Non-Tight Feeling. 

The cleanser texture is very creamy yet bubbly, is the richest and creamiest cleanser that I ever used, all you need is just add a little bit of water between your palms and gently rub in onto your face. It can remove dirt and oil without making your skin feel tight and it hydrates and nourishes at the same time, super amazing right?

HydraFresh Spa Water is my most favorites product in this range, the texture is like gel water. is lightweight, hydrated and cooling! You can do it the alternate way for intense hydration like the way I do often. Simply soak a cotton pad or dry sheet mask with the lotion, and place them onto your face for about 5 to 10 minutes! 

Follow up with HydraFresh Mask-In Water Gel, the moisturizer is very rich but in lightweight watery texture! Another product that I will use before I do my makeup,  to moisturise and lock in the moisture of my skin. 

The last product I want to introduce is HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly, don't you notice that the whole packaging and design of the L'OREAL New HydraFresh Range are actually a gorgeous shiny Lilac metallic container. Is super gorgeous, it's made me feel so good and pleasant every time I used. This product I must says, is so freaking gooooooood. To be frank, I not that type of person who like to use Night Mask, because I used a night mask from other brands before is makes my face super oily and can't breath yet very sticky!!! Urgh, I really hate this kind of night mask, if you also have same problem with me, I recommend you to try HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly. Yes, speak of Jelly, is different with other brands of night mask (own experience), is very lightweight, the scents is very pleasant, the most important part is the Night Mask-In Jelly actually doesn't sticky or oily at all! Every time after I wake up and cleanse my face afterward I can feel my skin is much more bouncy and hydrated! If I must says this product a bad thing, that must be it will be my hair always stick on my face while I applying this night mask lol. 

So here are my quick and short reviews on L'OREAL New HydraFresh Range, I hope you guys find this helps. If you are looking for a skincare range that can give you hydration, or minus your oiliness, you should give HydraFresh Range a try. You can get this skincare range from leading pharmacies (Guardian, Watsons, Caring, etc) 

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