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Jul 20, 2015

BanCream Cover Gel

Do you have cellulite problem? If yes you may try this product. BanCream Cover gel is from thailand, and a lot of beauty blogger has reviewed this product yet lot of people feedback are quite good. 

Anti Cellulite And Firming Cool Gel which with Carnitine, Ivy Extract and Caffeine 

Bancream Cover Gel features
Reduce Cellulite and orange peel skin 
Reduce Stretch Mark 
Help burn excess fat 
Technology from Europe
Effective result within 7 to 14days 
Easy to use. Anytime anywhere
No massage needed
It is COOL, not hot or burning feel, No irritation
Natural formula. No drug.
First impression with relax feeling and aromatic sense

the texture are really very cooling, and this product does really firm up my inner thigh. I wish this product will have bigger size, because this size (100g) is can't use above a month or more, if you use it daily.  

Bancream Cover Gel(100g) retails at RM69.90 exclusive In Watson.

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