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Jun 15, 2015

LoveNail Hello Kitty Nail Wraps

Are you fans of Hello Kitty? I know lot of girls out there are huge fans of Hello Kitty! Even though I not longer fans of Hello Kitty since I grown up, lol. But I still can't resist the cuteness. Thank you Hishop for sponsoring me these cute nail wraps! I totally in love with it! Well, to be frank I barely use Nail Wraps cuz I thought it won't last long. But Love Nail Hello Kitty Nail Strip are different! It's Zero Drying Time, Perfect Shiny Nail and 100% Real Nail. Yet, it is Long Lasting, Fast & Easy To apply, Salon-quality manicure and 3-in-1 (Top, Color, Base). Is perfectly suitable for whose else like me don't know how to paint our nails, Nail Wraps just my life saver. It's quick, fast, easy and long lasting!

Each packet of nail wraps come with 20 strips, comes with tools (nail file, double-headed wood stick, zipper bag). Luckily all of those nail strips are perfectly fit with fingers size. 

On the surface of Love Nail contains numerous invisible pores, which allow the nails to breath. Certified by SGS, it is safe for our nails, made of 100% nail polish, with jojoba to protect nails from yellowing. High quality colouring effect, comparable to professional manicure art! It can last up to 14 days, easy to remove using nail polish remover.

Love Nail stickers give professional salon-quality manicure in just a few minutes. No more time wasting in nail salon shop and it's cost saving too! 

Hishop: www.hishop.my

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