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Jun 17, 2015

Brighter n' Glowing Skin with Belree

Hello Girls, I didn't know have you heard about Belree before but it's okay cuz today I going to review this series of products from Belree to you! Honestly, it's my currently favorites skin care!!! Especially for girls who wanted Brighter, Glowing, Radiant and Glowing skin like me :D 

不知道大家有听过Belree这牌子吗,它是来自韩国 老实说我也没听过 

Belree Protective Day Cream and Belree Hydrating Night Cream by AM Professional Skin Care 
Belree 全效净白活肌素以及Belree 全效高倍净白晚上来自 AM Professional Skin Care 

 Belree Protective Day Cream
contain natural Pinecone Extract, various herbal and botanical extracts, plus anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation enzymes and abundant of vitamins to give you the effective long lasting fairness. 

The main active ingredient used in Belree's Protective Day Cream are pinecones (from Korea) which are high in antioxidants such as Vitamins A, Vitamin B complex group, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants which are crucial to develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful free radical. 


 Belree Protective Day Cream helps to decompose and eliminate black spots, freckles, pigmentation and bacterial caused acne. Long term usage of this product, gives you a soft, fair, supply and hydrated complexion. After getting to know so much effect Belree Protective Day Cream can gives, I was like OMG, I needed this product cuz I am Acne Prone Skin Type, so far I went to so many different beauty parlor to cleanse my face but still... my acne are still remains..  

当我知道Belree全效净白活肌素竟然可以给那么多的功效 我完全就是出于惊吓状态耶!

Direction: Apply Belree Protective Day Cream after cleansing. Dab the cream with your finger ( please make sure your fingers are cleaned before applying) on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (2-3 dabs on each). Message the cream gently into the skin to ensure the whole face is being covered and properly absorbed by the skin. 


Overall 感想: 
Belree Protective Day Cream texture are harder cream texture, so it's not easily to apply. Hence i personally recommended use any face cream or moisturizer before applying. So far, I quite in love with this Day Cream because it gave me coverage which make me no need to apply any foundation anymore! Yes, it's gave me coverage and fairness complexion.  

不过我还蛮喜欢这个日霜,因为它给我遮瑕能力!对,你没看错 是遮瑕能力!恩,所以我只需要使用它 我就不必上任何底妆了 因为它就是我的底妆!此外它还有SPF 15帮助防晒哦!

 Belree Hydrating Night Cream
contain high protein botanical extracts (pinecone) which contain Vitamin A, D, E and bio-regenesis substances which penetrates deep into skin layer to revitalize the cell membrane, and activate the break down of melanin which causes the appearance of skin pigmentation, 

 Belree Hydrating Night Cream also contain pearl powder, anti-bacterial and an effective anti-inflammation elements which effectively improves skin allergy, swelling, itchiness while maintaining the skin elasticity and hydration. At the same time, it also maintain and improve elasticity & firmness. 


Direction: Apply Belree Hydrating Night Cream after cleansing. Dab the cream with your finger (please make sure your fingers are cleaned before applying) on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Massage the cream gently into the skin to ensure the whole face is being covered and properly absorbed by the skin. 


Overall 感想:
 Belree Hydrating Night Cream Texture is very creamy which is easily apply. All you needed is just a tiny bit of amount, or else it will be too oily. Less is more. It does really gives my skin a bouncy feeling, very hydrated and non-sticky!!! Even I only apply a tiny bit of amount.  

Belree全效高倍净白晚霜质地非常柔滑 很容易推开,但是用量不能太多 否则脸部会感觉很油腻。
我最喜欢它的原因是它真的给我皮肤一种很保湿的感觉 而且不粘腻。

Balancing Cream 平衡霜 
Balancing Cream equipped with moisturizing function, it is exclusively formulated to attend to dehydrated and sensitive skin as a result of excessive usage of acidic skin care products. Skin's immune system is strengthened and its repairing function helps generate healthy and lively skin. 

平衡霜配有保湿功能 ;专门为缺水,敏感,酸性护肤品过度使用者而配制,它可以增加皮肤免疫系统达到有弹性有光泽幼嫩靓丽透白效果

Direction: Apply Balancing Cream onto cleaned face gently and evenly. 

Overall 感想: 
Balancing Cream texture is very lightweight, is use before applying Day Cream and Night Cream. As I mentioned, it's specially formulated for Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin. So it worked pretty well on me.


After using Belree products for a month, I really can't say any cons about it. It's works pretty good on me, it's gave my skin more hydrated, glowing and brighter yet my acne are actually getting better. The most important is, it doesn't let my skin inflammation or pop out any pimple!! Girls, if you are looking for a products which will give your skin Hydrate, Glowing effects in short term you should give Belree a try :) 

使用了Belree产品一个月多,我真的找不到任何差评给予此产品。因为它真的很有效,而且此产品也给我肌肤有如产品所说的更明亮,透亮,保湿的肌肤。更重要的是,我使用了这产品以后 我皮肤没有任何敏感症状或冒痘痘。女孩们,脸蛋只有一个啊!如果你们也想要得到像鸡蛋一样具有弹性完美无瑕的肌肤,你们可以尝试Belree产品!效果绝对不会让你后悔!

Belree Skincare Give You:-

Whitening 美白
Brightening 光泽
Hydrating 保湿
Kill Bacteria 杀菌
Heal Inflammation 消炎
Lighten Pigmentation 淡斑
Lighten Pimple Scars 淡疤
Even Skintone 均衡肤色

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One Mini Ser RM75
Three Mini Set RM210
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