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Jun 13, 2015

I'm From Honey Mask Review

Talk about Honey, I think most of us will think of MOIST either HYDRATE. Usually, I drink honey every single morning after I wake up to boost up my energy yet it's so good for our body system! From the past, the secret of natural beauty is Honey. Honey can prevent moist loss, various vitamins and smooth skin texture. This is my first time ever to use Honey Mask, honestly I am not a big fans of wash-off type of moisturizing mask due to my laziness, but hence I am very interesting in this product since is most Popular products selling at Wishtrend. Why not give a try? Today, I going to share my review after test and tried the amazing Honey Mask from Korea.

 I'm From Honey Mask (120g) has more than 3 table spoon of honey is contained. Herbal Honey that is from Jiri Mountain, contained total of 38.7%. 
Since all the product information are Korea word, I have to go Wishtrend website to know more about the details etc. But I noticed this "No harmful additives" which are fragrance free, no artificial colour, talc free and no sulfate, which mean there is nothing inside that could be harmful. Wishtrend touts the I’m From Honey Mask as a skincare all-kill, claiming that it will nourish, moisturize, soothe, smooth, and brighten skin, improving elasticity and reviving the appearance of tired complexions without irritation or potentially harmful ingredients.

What I must say is, the honey mask scent are so pleasant! Is smell like real honey, seriously it's make me wanted to take a full spoon and mix it with water and drink it! Lol. Well, the texture is not that thick nor greasy even though the texture is viscous liquid. But after apply on face you will feel lightweight and moistful.

 The texture is not flowing, it's just look like REAL HONEY. 
I liked to leave it on my face around 30 to 45 minutes, it's gave my skin fully moist after I wash off the mask, 

After cleansing, spread honey mask on face. For about 10 mins to maximum of 1 hour, be relaxed. 
When the time is over, please wash off the mask. 

Careful not to put mask into eyes. 
Do not store the mask into the fridge or any cold place. 
I'm from Honey Mask could be look different from each other jar, however since it is made with natural honey, the color could look different. 

Comparison of Moist Level Before and After, as you can clearly see from photo above.
My skin moisture level are higher than before. I can feel my face immediately hydrate. brighten and smoother. 

If you are tempted to try out I'm from Honey Mask, I would say currently is Great Timing!

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