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Jun 1, 2015

Jwel Ice Cream Review

Remember my last post bout JWEL Stress Free Day, in case you haven't read the blog post you can click this link now to read. Hereby, today I going to review Jwel Ice Cream, does it taste delicious? If you don't know JWEL Ice Cream are actually from F&N Cremies! The latest premium ice cream, JWEL! Without further ado, let's get start! 

I received a multipack of Jwel Ice Cream which has 5 flavored. Fancy packaging isn't it? The colourful stories of the JWEL Ice Cream are printed on the back of the ice-cream wrappers. So before you throw that wrapper away, you might want to read about it. 

The Story behind JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire 
Meet The Decadent Duke of VanillaThe Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu, The Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate, The Extravagant Earl of Caramel and The Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest. Each member of the ice cream aristocracy is unique in his or her right, having their own quirky personalities and curious idiosyncrasies. 

The Duke of Vanilla 
 The Decadent Duke has flair, finesse and a certain elan. His gowns are sewn from the finest satin. His cloaks are lined with gold thread. He bathed in milk scented with the finest vanilla essence and he brushes his teeth with pearl dust. 

The Countess of Tiramisu 
She's Italian. She's irresistible. She's got va va voom. The Curvaceuos Countess expertly embraces the most distinctive coffee flavours with the very finest chocolate to create a sensually creamy experience. 

The Duchess of Double Chocolate 
They say The Delectable Duchess eats her devilishly indulgent Double Chocolate with diamond-studded dessert spoons. While her subjects to eat cake, she covets hazelnuts like they are priceless jewels. In fact the only thing nuttier than the Duchess is her ice cream. 

The Earl of Caramel 
The Extravagant Earl spares no expense in his pursuit of perfect indulgence. They say this eccentric lordship uses pots and pans of gold and silver to create the sweetest drops of heaven ever seen in the entire empire. 

The Baron of the Dark Forest 
The Brazen Baron plucks young  cherries from the forest and presents them to the village maidens. With his deep passion for the darkest chocolate in the realm, the Baron will tempt you with the very best of the Black Forest. 

 Here's my Top 3 Favorite among all other flavored! Which are Black Forest, Caramel and Tiramisu. 

Looks! Each Ice Cream are equally well-coated with large chunks of almonds, even though I'm not big fans of almonds, but it just perfectly match with JWEL ice cream! 

Black Forest - is a bit sweet for me, because it coat and core with full chocolate, very crispy and crunchy.  But it has a slightly strong of Cherry sourness, so if you're not Cherry fans you may not fancy in this stick! 

Caramel - Which I loved the most, is kind of bittersweet kind of taste. Coated with chocolate and almond flakes. But it's actually quite good, it was pretty balanced in terms of sweetness and the existence of Caramel,  you should give a try if you want some fancy taste! 

Tiramisu - Definitely should give it a try if you are coffee and ice cream lover! Tiramisu is a little bit too sweet for me, since it coated with chocolate and almond flakes. Tiramisu is more suitable for kids. 

Double Chocolate - Which are kids most favorite! You know, kids can't live without chocolate. Chocolate filling coated with chocolate and almond flakes, what? But taste amazing, is rich, creamy,b sweet and luxury. That cracking feeling though, with every bites of chocolate awww! Double Chocolate are actually one of my favourite, the sweetness level are suitable for Adult and Children! I thought it will be so sweet since it is Double Chocolate, but the result was out of my expect. It won't be as sugary sweet, I can ensure the sweetness level are accepted! 

Vanilla - The most classic flavour! Who can ever resist and say NO to Vanilla? It's perfectly match with crispy chocolate coat, creamy yet rich texture, always perfect.

Decadently coated in thick, almond-flecked chocolate, make sure you enjoy every single moment! 
Yes, my niece favorite flavor was Double Chocolate! I told ya, kids can't say NO to Chocolate! Haha :) 

Thank you JWEL for gave me a multipack of JWEL Ice Cream to share with my loved one, my family and I was satisfaction with -Jwel Ice cream, every bites are enjoyable and delicious. JWEL is available at a suggested retail price of RM3.70 per stick or RM14.60 for a multipack of 4 sticks at selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. 

For more information, kindly visit:
Website: www.jwel.my

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