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Jan 29, 2015

Tokyo Luxey Meet Up

Hello Hello =) Long time didn't blog about event, last week I was invited to Tokyo Luxey meet up at Acme Bar Coffee.. If you are kawayi style, hello kitty fans either Japanese style, you will in love with the Oui, Ayano Ruban that I going to blog today.. It's dreamy, pinkish, lovely, kawayi style! Aw girls love hello kitty except me, haha! I too cool for this, but I still going to show you how lovely they are.  Without further ado, let get started 

Oui, Ayano Ruban Bags & Skirt

Don't you think that skirt with heart are so lovely? And the Love seem 3D lol... 

Inspired by Hello Kitty Ribbons? Hehe, the fur pinkish bag is so soft and easy to carry yet kinda special tho... 

The Classy Black Hello Kitty Ribbons Bag is perfect match if you carry to prom or dinner isn't it?! 

Not finish yet! I introducing the Keio Plaza Hotel which is full of Hello Kitty!!! Make sure you don't scream in front of the computer, just kiddin' :p 
Dreamy enough? Imagine you stay in a hotel full with Hello Kitty Stuff, I know how your feeling, LIKE HEAVEN!! HAHAHA 

Well that night is well spend, thank you Tokyo Luxey for the awesome night and sharing! Wish to see you all soon! 

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