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Jan 20, 2015

Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening? Important to everyone, no matter men or women I believe. Have whiten teeth is very important, especially when you dating with your crush. Imagine, when he/she saw you have yellowish teeth urgh that little thing you didn't care is spoiled your image or freaking out your crush. Teeth Whitening always my most concern, I used whitening toothpaste to brush my teeth every single morning, and before bed. That's not enough! You need take care of your teeth, feeling so lucky because I receive Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit for reviewing purpose lately, after tried this kit about three months, here are my opinion! 

What's inside the kit? 
 You'll received: 
  • Upper and Lower Trays that you custom fit to your mouth
  • One 5-ml syringe of whitening gel
  • Two vitamin E sticks
  • One LED light for quick results
  • A maintenance pen for whitening on the go 

 a tooth shade guide to compare before & after treatment 

So here is my vlog about how to use Teeth Whitening Kit from Smile Sciences and my honest opinion! 
If you are interesting to try it out yourself, you can get yours one now at: 
Key In "KOEY" for discount! You can get Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit for only $29.00 (RSP: $299)!! If you owned a set of Teeth Whitening Kit also, do tell me what you think about it! I love reading comments, last but not least, do not forget subscribe on my Youtube Channel! See ya next time 

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