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Jan 4, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hello!! Here my tutorial about How I Edit My Instagram Photos, I separate two blog post cuz it will be super blurry if I combined all in one blog post and will be super long, so this entry is all about editing, and previous entry is about What's on my iPhone 6 Plus, without further ado, let's get started! :) 

VSCOcam (Free) 

 Upload a Photo, Edit, Choose your filters (preset)! (I bought all the filters)
My favourite filters are S1 - S3 (for selfie)! In this photo, I decide to use S2, it made whole photo look white but my eyes are still brightening 

Afterwards, I will just go to adjust some brightening, saturation, contrast etc. 

Snapseed (Free) 
After finished STEP 1, I will open Snapseed to continues my editing 

Selective Adjust > Add Brightness 
I want my background look white, so I brighten up my background by using the Brightness, adjust by pinching screen to select which area you want to brighten. Normally I brighten all background to level +100 to whiten up my yellowish white background. So that my photo are only focus on myself. 
Step 2: TUNE IMAGE > Brightness > Ambiance > Sharpening 
I will add brightness +21 on this photo, and decrease Ambiance -41, Ambiance is actually for whiter and more polished photo looking, it made your photo look soft..  Last but not least, don't forget to add some sharpening effect too! :)

Youcam Makeup (Free) 
Nah, my editing is not done yet! Did you spot my eyebrows? It's unbalance caused the lightening, my ways to save my eyebrows back is using YouCam Makeup. This app is super amazing, it's can let you have flawless skin! This app even have foundation, acne remove, eye makeup, face contour, nose enhance, face reshaper and more! Download and figure it out yourself please, normally I don't smooth my skin, I use this app to edit my eyebrows or add some blusher! I know it's ridiculous! But it's works really well, no one ever ask my eyebrows is it edited. So basically, you just go to Eye > Eyebrows. There has 12 difference shapes of eyebrows to let you select, after selected your eyebrows, you can start adjust the color & shape. Color I using is grey, is more natural, and shape I only will +3, it's doesn't look FAKE nor EDITED I mean really, because if you add 100% the eyebrows will definitely looks EDITED! Let me show you!
(Sorry I put the wrong before and after) 
Before: Color +10 Shape +10 (NATURAL Like Real Eyebrows) 
After: Color +50 Shape +100 (Look Fake & Edited!!)
I hope you can understanding what I saying, spot the last "EDITED" photos you can understand all of this.. 

My editing apps is only 3 application, VSCOcam, Snapseed and Youcam Makeup 

Some photos I edited (98% Edited by VSCOcam) 
App: VSCOcam 
Preset: S2 

App: VSCOcam 
Preset: S2

App: VSCOcam 
Preset: S1 

App: VSCOcam 
Preset: SE3

App: VSCOcam 
Preset: K3 

App: VSCOcam 
Preset: KK2 

App: VSCOcam
Preset: S2 

App: VSCO cam
Preset: M5

App: VSCO cam 
Preset: S3 

Afterlight (paid) 

Afterlight also my favorite editing apps besides VSCOcam, Afterlight has tons of filters to choose, and some dusty & light leak effect. I purchased Instant Film at USD 0.99, for Polaroid Film and more light leak effect, it's a package. I love using those Polaroid Film, it's super vintage and pretty.. So I think it's worth the price. You can also add white border to posted on your Instagram without cropping your photos.. 

All the photo editing apps are Available on both the AppStore & PlayStore. Feel free to leave a comment right under this blog post if you have any feedback / suggestions! Thank you for your watching, I hope you didn't get blurry heh.. See you in next posting! :) 

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  1. I need to get some of these and have a play, I only ever use the normal instagram photos, going to download the free ones now, I'd love to up my instagram game this year!

    Corinne x

  2. So I am in need of a photo editor for some winter pictures I took while I was on vacation in a mountain this winter, a friend told me to try polarr.co, he told me its free and online, but I am not sure, can anyone recommend another photo editor ?

  3. that's awesome!! :D thanks for the suggestions!! :D

    Animated Confessions

    1. you're most welcome, glad you like this blog post :D

  4. Replies
    1. 3 mins to edit a picture! HAHAH pro anot lol

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