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Nov 9, 2015

Wait, Online Shopping At The Body Shop?

I believe a lot of girls are lazy like me, lol (maybe not). But for me, I always love to online shopping rather than to retail shop to buy stuff! Firstly, waste petrol secondly waste energy, haha! So I always chose Online Shopping, it is faster, easier and simple. Hence, today I going to share my online shopping experience at The Body Shop Website, in besides of to share my online shopping experience in their website, I also will share about the parcel, product review etc. Without Further Ado, let's get start, shall we? :) 

Here's the body shop official website! https://www.thebodyshop.com.my/
About the website homepage: It is quite easy to find what I'm looking for, because their labeled all product at the top so I think everyone will notice it. And the Searching bar is quite easy to spot as well! It just at the top center! 

And... if you've no idea what you want to buy, you can scroll down to see TOP RATED, BESTSELLERS, NEW IN Product(s) which their have provided three different pages to let you see through. It is quite convenience to look around see whether which one is suitable for you, or which product you wanted to try. 
 Example: You want to check the TOP RATED TEA TREE OIL, you can click the product, and you'll see a 'More Details' at the bottom, just click and it will direct you to the product details.

It also provided Product Description which in both language, Malay and English. It is so thoughtful for me. 

and when you scroll down, you will see Reviews from customer, also more information about the product, how to use, Q&A's and ingredients, which is fully provided you all the information and question that you need to know. 

 If you wanted to purchase product, sure that you need to register an account first! You can choose to connect with your Facebook or register via email address. 
 I choose to use my email address to register an account, so that The Body Shop will send you a conformation email to active your account, and you're done! If you think this is too many steps and you're lazy to register an account, you can just simply connected it with your Facebook Account :) 

 Dashboard Area: Where you can edit your address, personal details and to check your order. 
If you've already purchased, your ordered will shown up on at Account Dashboard, and you are able to track your order at Poslaju website. 

So, now let's talk about the shipping and products that I purchased at TBS website! Well, I must said that the shipping were pretty fast to arrive my doorstep, only took 3 days!! And what products I purchased at TBS website! Hehe :) 

Here's are the 5 products that I purchased at TBS, now let me to do a short reviews on each products I purchased :P 

Vitamin E Face Mist (TOP RATED) 
Price: RM49.00 

What is it?
A quick skin pick-me up and excellent option for setting make-up. Just spritz it on for instant refreshing moisture boost thanks to its natural Vitamin E powers and scented with the delicate rosewater fragrance. Vital on a plane and fantastic in any air-conditioned room.

Tips & Tricks:
Refreshed skin is a spritz away. Close your eyes and hold bottle about four inches away from your face, then spray the moisturizing mist onto your face once or twice and allow it to dry. It is excellent for setting make–up; just spray over make–up to seal it after applying.
Carry with you when traveling, especially when flying to protect your skin from dry air in the cabin and climate changes, so you’ll have healthy–looking, hydrated skin when you arrive. Try keeping face mist in the refrigerator during the summer for extra coolness.

Made especially for:
Normal to dry skin

It is quite a huge bottle for me as Face Mist, it make my skin feel refreshing and energizing while my skin feel tired, and also I saw someone using this product as Makeup Setting Spray as well. Well, I can't say it really can setting my makeup because it is a face mist not a makeup setting spray, but it really give my skin refreshing and moisturizing! 

LIPSCUFF (Top Rated) 
Price: RM49.00 

What is it?
A handy little stick exfoliator, it’s the perfect remedy for dry and flaky lips. The gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving the lips feeling smooth, soft and conditioned. Now you’re all set for your favourite lip colour!

Tips & Tricks:
Say no to dry, flaky lips! Gently apply the Lip Scuff over the lips, and rub lips together before removing the residue with a tissue. Use one to two times per week, or as required.
Keep your Lip Scuff clean by wiping the surface with a tissue; directly after each use.

 Well, to be honest I AM AN 'EXFOLIATER', I always love to exfoliate my skin, body and lips, but I never try something like this before. I think is something like scrub product for lips but in a lipstick? The design is very convenience and easy to use. Which is currently my favorite product, most importantly I found this as a best exfoliator for lips. I use this at night to remove the resudue from my lips & found this made my lips much smoothe and make my lipstick long lasting.

Round Handle Facial Brush (Best Seller) 
Price: RM15.00 

Best if you want to: Get a more radiant complexion with a soft-bristle face brush that gently loosens dead skin cells and impurities while stimulating the circulation.
Suitable For: 
All Skin Types
Fits neatly in the palm of your hand for maximum control.
The soft bristles are made from nylon and 100% vegetarian

At first, i thought the brush are soft and it must be so good when i use this to remove my makeup residue, but after I tried. OMG, the bristle is so hard it makes my skin hurts!! Even I just use the brush to gently move around on my face but I can feel the hurts! The bristles is too hard for me, but the cleansing is kinda works tho. 

Mini Bamboo Hair Brush (Best Seller) 
Price: RM26.00 

A purse sized brush perfect for on the go brushing.
Penetrates the hair, smoothing and grooming it whilst also massaging the scalp.
A rubber cushioned pad gently follows the contours of the head.
Round tip pins gently stimulate the scalp while regular brushing distributes the hair's natural oils from root to tip.
Handle made of bamboo is considered a renewable source to help protect the planet.

Okay, another fav product here, when I opened the parcel and can't wait to see all my lovelies, when I saw this hair brush I was like "WTH, It so tiny!" Okay, probably I didn't notice "mini" bamboo hair brush when I purchased. Besides it is so tiny, but it so convenience to bring it out! And suitable for kids as well, my niece and nephew always stole my hair brush lol. Overall, it is quite good to use, but the price is little expensive. 

Price: RM69.00 

What is it?
Cheat a little, care a lot! If you don't have time to clean, scrub and moisturise, just layer on this amazing do-it-all mask. While it’s easy peasy to use, it doesn’t skimp on goodness because the scrub removes dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities with precision yet leaves your skin underneath soft, supple and unscathed.
Tips & Tricks:
1. So you’re in a rush but you don’t want to sacrifice care. This is how you do it: use this scrub mask once or two times a week and start by cleansing your skin, then pat dry before before applying a generous layer of the mask to the face, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water (the mask is not meant to dry up). 
2. Remember you don't need to use too much of the Mask. Just enough to cover your skin. After you have applied it, just sit back and relax and let the Mask do its magic.
Made especially for:
Normal to oily skin

After complaining all those disappointed part, let's get into my other favorite product in this purchase! Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask, yes you didn't see wrong is a DEEP CLEANSING SCRUB MASK!!! Wooooooah, I was so crazy when I saw this at TBS website, because as I mentioned earlier, I AM AN SCRUB LOVER and also MASK LOVER, this mask totally my thang! The mask is a little bit stabbing for few minutes which I think that means it working? But afterwards you will get cooling sensation! It gently cleanse my skin, removes dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities! I really like this mask, because I found out it tone down my blackheads and acne and it does a great job in ensuring that my skin is baby soft after i use this mask.

Overall: So here are my online shopping experience at The Body Shop website, and I hope you guys enjoy the short reviews on each product! And oh, you know what The Body Shop is having promotion! FREE DELIVERY during 19 Oct to 19 Nov 2015 ONLY! Faster grab something before you need to pay for delivery :P Thank you for taking your time to reading, I will see you in next post! See ya lovelies! 


  1. the face brush is super cute! i love their tea tree line..their tea tree oil works wonders! i also enjoy online shopping, the feeling of "adrenaline rush" when u receive the parcel is just so great..haha..
    great review afterall :)


  2. For instance, my skin has sort of a blue undertone during the winter time, so I tend to avoid clothing that is turquoise or light green.


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