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Nov 25, 2015

AD: OpenSnap - An App For Foodie!

Most of Malaysians, get confusing like WHERE TO EAT, this question always so hard to get the exact answer especially for couple like where to eat? Cincai lah! (OS: but you need to think until I say OK *girl*) LOL, doesn't it sounds familiar? LOL, it totally my pattern. Everytime when I go yamcha with my friends, we stuck in this question like an hour just to think where to go to limteh. But, now I found out an great app to solve my problem! Introducing you, OpenSnap - a phone app gather all of delicious foods and great place for you to dining, breakfast lunch even supper all over the country in just an app!

First of all, you need to download OpenSnap at your Appstore / Google Play! 

After you installed OpenSnap at your device, open the app and click register, if you think it is waste too much time to fill up your information you can just log in via your facebook account. Is more easier. 

Choose Your Location - Nearby / Your Selection Of What You Like To Eat - Start Exploring! 
Btw, in the homepage there's are up to 20 categories of cuisines for you to choose from! They even provided DELIVERY Section (only for restaurant offers delivery service of course) 
Like today, I feel like want to eat Japanese Cuisine, so I just click into Japanese section and start looking which restaurant has most of like and comment and I found 'Rakuzen Restaurant', after you click into the restaurant you'll saw a lot of user photo, comments even bad comment. And all the restaurant detailed are even included. Like how many seat their have, opening hours, payment methods, website, price etc. It is all provided. 

The Loaf 
Rocku Yakiniku
Sushi Zanmai 

 Take Eat Easy 
Clawset Cafe 

You can even post your photo (selfie also can lol) Or you like to share some nice foods at your profile to recommend to other OpenSnap user, you can edit filters, add sticker at your photo as well, kinda like Instagram. You can also rate your foods, how it taste like, where is it, and the price. It is all provided in the OpenSnap. People will LIKE your photos of they love your photo. 

You know la, stay in KL of course everyday need to yamcha till late. HAHAHA, so this section is totally for us who like to yamcha with friends!  All of the 24 hours restaurant are in the list and their even provided maps for you to go! 

Beside of searching what foods/restaurant you want to eat/visit, in the NEWS section OpenSnap has a lot of great promotion or giveaway at there! So, if you want to win some goodies, remember to check out the NEWS section! 

Overall, I quite like this app is very convenience and easy to use, all the information are provided and you can even ask for delivery services which I quite impress with it! This APP totally my life saver. Recommended for my readers especially FOODIES! Hehe :) 

For more information, kindly visit:

Website | Facebook

Download OpenSnap
iOS | Android

Disclaimer: This is an Advertorials, but all of the reviews are honestly. 


  1. OpenSnap is great to share good food locations and give recommendation. Biggest problem is always not knowing where to eat. Haha


  2. This looks great! I totally want to try it out. -Hanna Lei

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