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Sep 4, 2015

HA Hydrating System Facial @ Bella Skin

Everyone needs Hydration, besides of drinking water everyday is not enough to keep our skin moist and supple. So today I going to review the HA Hydrating System  Facial at Bella Skin. It suitable for anyone because all of our skin needs hydration, despite the difference in skin type.

Before begins the facial, let's test my skin hydration level.

As you can see from above Analysis chart. My U-zone and T-zone hydration levels is quite low, so that why I always felt my Cheeks are super dry. 

After a deep analysis of my skin, here's the result of my skin. Is belong to Dry skin type. Which is lack of sebum and moisture. Not only surface, deep down my skin are also dry. My skin type is dry, with a lack of sebum and moisture. As my skin is thinner, development of pigmentation is very likely. Sign of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, loss of firmness and dryness are present. That's caused my pores are large, Sebum and Moisture are low, Wrinkles are thin due to my ages are still young but my pigmentation are severe. 

For my pores problem are little large but close to normal. Essential to use pore-care products to treat enlarged pores. Desirable to do cleansing pack once or twice a week. And my skin tone is generally dark, discoloration and freckles are considerably much seen.  

After finished analysis my skin, is time to facial to treat my dehydrated skin!

Before beginning the treatment, I was asked to change up my clothes into bathrobes that they provided to me.

A Paraffin wax bath are provided for my rough hands. The paraffin wax treatment will help moisturize the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple.

After a comfortable paraffin wax treatment, it's time to begin the facial! Firstly, my beauty therapist will cleanse my face and help me to do an oat scrub mask to remove dead skin. 


Last but not least, a rose water to calm my skin and gives my skin moist. 

Hyaluronic acid hydrating system is an excellent instant hydro-boost. It is able to retain high level of water in skin up to 1000 units of its water weight. With sufficient hydration, skin becomes dewy, soft, supple and radiant. Coupled with aromatic rose essential oil, HA hydrating system invigorates all senses. 

Why we need Hydrate? 
Hydration is the key to a young and healthy looking skin. Most Asians spend a lot of time in air-condition environment due to warm and humid climate. This causes dehydration of skin. Bella Skin hydration care contains natural moisturizing factors (NMF) which hydrate skin intensively and plump up fine lines. 

So after finished the HA Hydrating System Facial, let's analysis my skin again to see any improvements, shall we?!

Can you see the result? The little white thing on my skin, but after I did the HA Hydrating System Facial is like half disappeared. My skin are feel much more hydrated! 

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