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Jan 26, 2014

[REVIEW] Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser

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Holla girls, received this product few weeks ago and it's time to share with you guys what my opinion
after I use the "Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser". Before i start i might mention for Boy's reader,
 boys are not suitable for read this post since i gonna review this product about Feminine wash hehe :)

 First, thanks Hishop for giving me this chance to let me review this product to my beloved readers,
As you know feminine care is such a important to girls, I do it usually because it can
 anti-bacterial properties, anti-itch and prevent odor

I been using the "L" brands of feminine cleanser till I received this Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser 
 Honestly, I never heard this brand before and it let me more curious wanna try this product quickly!
This product is formulated in England and exclusively distributed by Anti-Aging2U Sdn. Bhd.

Her Hygiene Cleanser Intimate Cleanser can help to prevent change to the balance off the organisms in the vagina,
 this due to its Natural Antiseptic plant based properties which help to promote the vagina's natural acidic pH balance.

Under normal conditions the vagina has a pH balance of between 3.8 - 4.2 pH and is colonized by good bacteria (lactobacilli)
which helps provide a defense against infection. Lactobacilli help maintain vaginal acidity by producing lactic acid,
whereby providing the vagina inhospitable for many other micro-organisms.

Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser main ingredients:
Eucalyptus Essential Oil is Anti-fungal, important antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties and Aloe Vera
Extract is Anti-itch, soothes irritated skin keeps skin moisturized, promote healing and anti-inflammatory.

Been using this product for almost one month, so far this product is okay for me! Because it feel cooling after use, and it does really help to clean off the awkward odor smell! The product you can use it daily, even during menstruation, and the bottle is just a right size to bringing out for trip! I seriously recommend this product for my girls reader, if you are looking for a good and affordable feminine wash!

To get more details on Mega Alpha HER Hygiene Cleanser, kindly click on the link below. 
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