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Jan 14, 2014

[ADV] : Ferrmina 费欧蜜娜♥

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Hello Sweeties, It been a week I've received my parcel from Ferrmina all the way from TAIWAN! What Is Ferrmina?
Ferrmina is famous brand on Taiwan lot of Beauty Bloggers has reviewed these product and give good feedback :)

 awww don't you think Taiwan mailbox is so lovely and thoughtful?

Du Du Mouth Lip Balm 
Peach Lip & Cheek Stain 
Aqua Fresh Lotion 
Homme Revitalizing Eye Essence 

♥Peach Lip & Cheek Stain♥



 dab to blended all, and you're done to create a natural yet cute cheek! 
The Cheek Stain is very long lasting not even need apply again due whole day long!

♥Du Du Mouth Lip Balm♥
 #Rose Red 

Price: RM34


Woah, this is my fav mouth lip balm ever, it won't cracked my lips and it's waterproof! how amazing

♥Aqua Fresh Lotion♥



 This moisturizer give my face hydrated whole day long, I combined this moisturizer with my foundation,
 to made my makeup more long lasting, and my T-zone won't get any oily and my makeup won't cracked! :)

♥Echisse Homme Revitalizing Eye Essence♥ 
 Opinion: This eye essence actually for men, lol but I also using it currently, the texture is so refreshing and easy to absorb plus it got the eye massage button to let me roll the essence into my dark circle more faster

Using Dudu Mouth Lip Balm and Peach Lip & Cheek Stain

Recommend this makeup brand to my girls reader, this makeup brand is not bad thou,
 product is very useful and with affordable price! And the packaging is much love! 
The shipping service so far is okay for me! 5-7 working days to delivery my doorstep

WEBSITE: http://www.silkapple.com

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  1. Great review. I would visit the website to find out more. By the way, I really love your makeup, it's cute and suits you! <3



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